kitty photoshoots

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Kitty Star is in a good mood today. Took several shots and here are my picks.



And here is my favorite. I’ve always taken photos of Star mostly on front-view but this time she’s not looking at the camera and on a side-view. It’s quite difficult to photograph an all-white kitty but i think i did good on this one. I love this furry portrait.


Doing crazy stuff with kitty Star. This is funny, she wears sunglasses with her eyes closed. Notice her ears? She doesn’t like this at all but it was fun.


26 thoughts on “kitty photoshoots

      • Tamara Eckstadt says:

        OMG! I followed your link, after link after link of all the photos of your kitties… loved them! I CANNOT believe how Star climbs to the top of the door! Priceless! She’s so pretty, and your photos capture her so perfectly. Guess I need to take some pics of our pets (2 cats, 1 dog). They aren’t nearly as tolerating or photogenic! LOL!

      • elizz says:

        thank you tamara.. if you only knew how many photos i have of Star and most are blurry because cats seldom stand still for a long period of time..She does when she’s sleepy or when staring at something she’s very interested in like birds.. The top of the door is her favorite spot and i think she likes watching me/us haha.

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