my odd-eyed kittycat Star

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Kittycat Star is an all-white odd-eyed furry little creature. She’s very playful but very loving in her own ways. Her bestfriend is my little doggie Kristina. Odd-eyed kitties are born with different colors of each eye i.e. one blue and one yellow, brown or green eye. I have read that odd-eyes are usually common with white cats but it may also be present with cats of any color.

And here she is, showing off at her favorite roost:


“I could see you mommy.. look, i’m up here!”


“This is my favorite spot mommy.. from here i could see the yard, i could see all the birdies visiting your garden.. and a while ago i saw a butterfly..  i could see the lizards from here too. I just love this spot.”


“Hey mommy, is my posing alright? I could be cuter you know..”


“What about this pose mommy? I won’t look at your camera, looking candid right?”

Now she’s showing off her beautiful face:


“Hey mom, i could hear the chirping of the birds, a lot of them.”


“But i’m kinda sleepy now.. i think i’m going to watch them later, i need some power catnap.”


“Mom, i am sleepy, when are we going to finish the photoshoot?”


“Okay mom, this is the last, after this shot i will be in la-la-land.”

CAT PURRDAY is a weekly (every Friday) cat post. It is not a photo challenge but it’s all about photo and story sharing of our beloved furries.

Happy posting and keep those purrs coming!

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