a kitty named bluetooth ^-^

Cat Purrday Friday Post

“Hello friends and furry friends, Kitty Star here.”



“Let me introduce Bluetooth, a darling addition to my grandmother’s kitty empire. Bluetooth has been abandoned in front of the gate of my grandmother. Soft meows were heard at the side of the road and when grandmother checked, it’s an all white kitty, i mean dirty-white kitty, very small, thin but with a pair of gorgeous bright sky-blue eyes.

Here she is now, looking whiter, gaining weight and absolutely the center of attraction because everyone always notice how beautiful her eyes are. She’s very sweet, loves to play just like me, ehem! I am white too, i am sweet too and i am playful too.. Mum says i am gorgeous too with my one blue eye.. um only one because my other eye is golden yellow. Well furry friends, presenting to you my new furry friend Bluetooth.”


“Come visit me again on Cat Purrday Friday. Kitty hugs to all :)”

“p.s. Have you seen me pole dancing? Here’s mum’s post Do You Want To See Star Pole Dancing  to see my photos. Thank you.”

cat purrday badge

14 thoughts on “a kitty named bluetooth ^-^

    • elizz says:

      thank you.. my mother is so well-known in their neighborhood because she just can’t turn away a kitty who needs a home and that’s the reason why we have a lot of kitties there all rescue 🙂

    • elizz says:

      that’s macro? i am surprised.. and thank you for your kind comments.. you are a very good photographer and your comments made me happy.. good morning 🙂

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