furry portraits

Cat Purrday Friday Post:


Here’s Tiger giving me that awww stare during our photoshoot..  I’m very happy that i adopted him. Who could resist such a sweet face.


My princess Star.. it’s the more that i love her when she accepted Tiger in our home. They are the best buddies and playmates now.

star and tiger

17 thoughts on “furry portraits

  1. rumpydog says:

    Wow! Tiger was a former feral! That is so great he’s getting a chance to have a happy life! Two of my kitties were TNR adoptees, and two more were bottle-babies abandoned by a feral mama.

    • starlight says:

      I am so happy i adopted him, i think more than happy. it’s that certain kind of feeling knowing that i gave 1 cat a forever home.. and by just looking at him, i think he’s very happy too..

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