i’m feeling grumpy today!

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hello my furry friends!

Last Monday, mum and i went to the Animal Clinic for grooming and at the same time for a little consultation with the vet. You see, there’s some irritations on my ears and mum said the vet should look into it. I knew it, ahh i need some meds and ear drops. 

Well, the ear cleaning is good, i think i like it but the meds… yuck!

Mum said, i need to take the meds for just another 2 days more. That’s good.. i don’t really like it’s taste and i hate it. But mum said it’s good for me and she says my ears are looking good now. Hmm, well i think so too. But i really don’t like the medicine!!!

Mum is so good and sees to it that i forget that stress. She gives me yummy treats right away. But i still don’t like the medicine!!!

Here is my photo just right after my ordeal. I’m looking and feeling so grumpy but mum says i look so funny. Oh mum!!!


grumpy kitty Star

Well, two more days to go.. but i really don’t like the medicine!!!

Oh i think i need a little nap. See yah all again on Friday. I promise, by that time i’m not grumpy anymore.

kitty Star

9 thoughts on “i’m feeling grumpy today!

  1. niasunset says:

    Oh lovely one I know what you all express… But everything is for you all, you know this, you should know this. I am sure it will be fine again. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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