kittycat Star’s cat condo

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Oh lucky you my dearest Star, now a proud owner of an awesome cat condo. I ordered it on Tuesday and it was delivered today (Friday). Fast isn’t it?

Star’s cat condo is gorgeous

toy hanging in the cat condo; this will keep Star busy

my little doggie Kristina seems pretty interested in Star’s cat condo

Originally, Star’s cat condo has flatforms at the top but i requested that they should be kittybeds instead. Also, the original design has a ladder but i opted to have it removed because i think the ladder would take up some space in my living room. Yes, you could choose the color of your own liking for your cat condo.

If you want to give your dear furryball a cool cat condo, here’s the link to their site.


Other than dog and cat beds/condo, they also offer other pet accessories like perches for your birds, bird stands, bird toys, and even housing for your reptiles or small exotic animals. They customize based on your own design.  And the most important thing, they are very nice to deal with, super friendly and they ship abroad. Click here for more of their products.

Till next Friday.. happy Cat Purrday! Kittycat says “meow”…

13 thoughts on “kittycat Star’s cat condo

    • starlight says:

      thank you, Star is a bit frightened at first but soon she settled in and she’s been using the scratchpost now, playing hide and seek and jumping from one kittybed to another.. she loves it..

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