I love nature, my garden, my wonderful pets, food, cute things, coffee, shopping, and travel.  I love to take photos too.

Meet the adorable, furry and feathered members of my family …

  • Johnny, (a German Shepherd) guards my home. (Update: Johnny crossed the rainbow bridge last May 28, 2014. He was almost 11 yrs. old. He will always stay in my heart forever. My tribute to Johnny can be found here.)
  • Kristina (a Maltese)  is my cute and playful lil doggie.
  • Lemon is my yellow-colored african lovebird, (Update: crossed the rainbow bridge 13 Sept. 2017) and
  • Lime is my green-colored african lovebird. (Update: crossed the rainbow bridge 18 Nov. 2016)
  • Star is my odd-eyed kittycat, one of her eyes is blue and the other one is gold.


All images and text in this blog are property of the blogger (yours truly) unless otherwise noted. Photos that do not belong to me are always linked back to its source.  If you want to use one of my original photos or text, kindly notify me and please give me proper credit and link it back to my blog. Thank you very much.

p.s. 1.

Meet Tiger, a rescued Puspin (domestic short hair local cat), i adopted him last October 31, 2012 from the shelter CARA. He’s an addition to my ever-growing family. He is very sweet and playful. I’m sure he’s happy to find his forever home with us. Just look at that handsome face 🙂 Read more about Tiger’s adoption here.



p.s. 2.

Meet Tobi, a playful bundle of cuteness and his hobby is to run like crazy and chase the kitties.



p.s. 3.

Meet Boots. He is a gray persian chubby-cheeked male cat. He’s staying with me now since his previous mum has relocated to Dubai. He is my kitty Star’s boyfriend.



p.s. 4.

Meet Marwind and Raf-raf. Marwind is a German Shepherd and Raf-raf is an Aspin or a local native dog that i adopted during a trip to the province. Both are very playful and sometimes mischievous but they are doing an excellent job in guarding our home. Read more about them here.


p.s. 5

Meet Ashton. He is a Puspin or a domestic short hair local cat. I found and rescued him as a teeny-weeny kitten at a memorial park. He is very playful, loves to eat, loves treats and goofy in a funny way. Read more about him here.


p.s. 6

Meet Kuting-kuting. (kuting means kitten in English). He used to be a part of a group of outside cats that i regularly feed. He is very sweet, so calm, has a soft meow and never hissed. He is now an indoor cat. Read more about him here.


p.s. 7

Meet Puti, our lovely all white foster kitty. As with most white kittens, she is born deaf. But her hearing disability doesn’t stop her to be as playful as most kitties. She has stunning bright blue eyes. (Update: not a foster anymore. She found her forever home with me.)


p.s. 8

Meet Goldie. He’s a rescue. He showed up at my terrace looking so thin, had bald patches, wounds and lice. I’m sure he had a rough time being alone and fending for himself. After a lot of TLC, visits to the vet, vaccinations and medications… here he is now a brand new happy kitty, neutered and healthy. You may read more about his transformation here and here.

p.s. 9

Meet Aki, short for Akiro which means “bright boy”. She (yes, i found out that she is actually a “she”) is an exotic persian kitty, a cute addition to my evergrowing furmily and a Christmas 2017 gift from my youngest son.


114 thoughts on “About

  1. island traveler says:

    I love your family picture and the description of each member. I grew up with 6 siblings. It was a fun and happy childhood. My Texan family is small, just me and my wife. Having a vacation this Summer in the Phil., made me realize all that I missed. God bless you and your beautiful family. Happy Easter.

    • starlight says:

      we’re 3 and i’m the only one left here in the phil.. my brother works in Swiz and my sister is working in dubai.. yes, i miss them too a lot. But they always try their best to be home during Christmas. Happy Easter too.

  2. Steven Luck says:

    Hmm, the layout is quite similar to mine… hahaha. Just a little bit difference. The blog visits count is not too far either. Just that I started a few years earlier.. lol :”>

      • Steven Luck says:

        Two years ago, I came here. Today, two years later, I come here again, to look for the theme you used for the blog… hahaha. Mistakenly activated another theme for my blog, and forgot what theme I used. I remember we shared the same theme, and search for the comments I’ve made before and… ta-da… I found it! Thanks, blog-mate! ^^

      • Steven Luck says:

        Lol… I’m a seasonal blogger :”> Thanks for following, but feel free to unfollow if you find it too quiet hehe

  3. Julie Dawn Fox says:

    Hi Starlight,

    I noticed that you’ve followed My A to Z Blogging Challenge and wondered if you’re interested in taking on the challenge yourself: http://myatozchallenge.com/about-2/ I’m not trying to pressure you and am not about to start hassling you to do anything, don’t worry. I just wondered if you had any questions or wanted any help.

    Anyway, if you’re interested in joining the challenge, we’d be happy to have you on board so just give me a shout if you’re not sure about anything.

    Otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading the posts that other bloggers are doing for their Personal A to Zs.

    Happy blogging!

    Julie (The one who set up the challenge in the first place)

  4. bebs1 says:

    Hi Elizabeth. I just love reading your inspirational blogsite so I have nominated you for three blogging awards. I hope you accept if not I understand. It is a lot to do. Happy holidays!

      • Ieonaa says:

        Oh, tell me about it. 🙂
        They wake the house up when they are hungry (which they are even if they eat). Also, my cats rarely eat meat. When they do, they go all *disperation mode* and we take pictures of them in commemoration to such rare event. XD

      • elizz says:

        do you have a photo of your cats.. goodie, i would love to see them.. oh btw, i’m surfing on your blog.. that’s so true, kittycat Tiger (my adopted kitty) is the one who is noisy and always wakes me up with his meows.. kitty Star’s meows just a bit when she wants to eat and she’s more of the staring-at-you-with-big-blue-and-golden-eyes type when hungry..

  5. Ieonaa says:

    Ah, they aren’t all here.
    I only have internet at my grandma’s house…which has the weird cats :))
    I only have a webcam and they don’t look that good in photos (happens to me too) but I will try to bring them in my room as I find them, snap a pic and send them off.
    They are so so so wild and with a *don’t tuch me human, ya dirtying my fur* atittude* (frustrated sigh).
    Imma go look for them now. And then come back to admire some of your amazing photos. 🙂

    • elizz says:

      hi.. thank you for liking my blog and following it.. right now i’m camping in your blog and reading your posts.. you have an interesting blog and followed yours as well.. have a happy day 🙂

    • elizz says:

      thank you for liking mine too.. i just got online now since my internet connection has been intermittent lately.. and i am so late now with posting especially the photo challenges.. hope i could catch up soon 🙂 i love your photos too so you’ll see me often liking your posts 🙂

      • Stew.ART Photoblography says:

        really…thanks for your like.if you want to comment don’t hesitate. Positively or negatively :)…yeah I saw you entry in photo contest hope someday I could join. now I’m busy some of pictures I haven’t uploaded yet.

    • elizz says:

      you’re welcome.. well, i do blog about my pets a lot of times because they give me so much love and fun.. hubby is based abroad and the kids are in school the whole day so these furries are my companions every day.. thanks for the nice comment 🙂

  6. My Tropical Home says:

    Hi Elizz,

    I finally got the chance to visit your blog, so sorry it took so long. Your blog is beautiful!

    The Beloved is now sort of based here but he used to (and is still open to) work offshore. Our kids are still young compared to yours. I haven’t looked around your blog yet but I take it you’re in Pinas?

    I’ll be looking around now, take care and enjoy your weekend.


  7. Madoqua says:

    That’s for visiting and following my blog. I am sorry it has taken a while to visit yours. What a lovely site you have here!

    • elizz says:

      you have a nice blog too and i love your photos of food, very attractive.. the polvorons are one of the favorite sweets and delicacy here in my country.. friends living abroad usually buy them as ‘pasalubong’ or take home as these are rarely found abroad..

    • elizz says:

      thank you so much for the nomination.. sorry about replying a bit late, there’s been some renovations done at home and now that it’s done i’m still in the process of replying to all comments and reading posts and backtracking on the photos challenges that i’ve missed..

  8. amaryllislog says:

    What a wonderful blog you have. We are kindred spirits with our four-legged family members and loving companions!

    I look forward to reading more and admiring your beautiful images! I love your sensibility.

  9. purrfectkitties says:

    Thank you so much for visiting and following our blog! 🙂 You have a very nice blog and you all are so beautiful! So adorable! 🙂 We look forward to reading more about you! xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

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