i’m up here!

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Hello mum’s friends and my furry friends.

As you could see, i’m here on my favorite place which is on top of the door. Whenever i’m here, i love to look at mum and then when she sees me she would grab her camera and take photos of me. She looks really funny.

I love it here. I could watch mum and i could watch Tiger too. If you’re wondering how i could go up here, well it’s so easy. Watch me here on slideshow.

IMG_7195 - Copy


IMG_7198 - Copy


Tiger is looking at mum taking photos of me. He has gained weight in just a short time with us. He is getting fat because he loves to eat. And when he eats, it’s really a mouthful.

When mum adopted him, he’s thin and his coat isn’t shiny at all. Now, mum loves to touch Tiger’s coat, she says it’s so smooth now and shiny. 

I love that little .. um big fellow now because mum says he’s really getting heavy. 

IMG_6403 - Copy


I’ll see you all again on Friday on Cat Purrday Friday post. Hugs to all the furries.


15 thoughts on “i’m up here!

    • elizz says:

      and i forgot to mention in my post, Star also sleeps there on top of the door.. i don’t know how she does it, and find it awkward and uncomfortable but she seems to be so relaxed up there.. kitties are great in balancing act 🙂

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