kitty Star’s favorite hang-outs

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“It’s Fridayyyy! Time for Cat Purrday Friday Post. Today, i would tell you all about my favorite hang-outs.

In this photo, i’m on top of the world!!! The top of the door is absolutely where you would always find me. I love it here cause i could see more of the outside world. Mum’s garden is always visited by birdies and i love watching them. 


on top of the kitchen door

Some of you might think it’s rather awkward, but really, i feel comfortable.


on top of the kitchen door

Sometimes you will see me sleeping on top of the bar/cabinet. No one could disturb me here not even Tiger. See, i could almost touch the ceiling.


on top of the bar/cabinet

I also sleep in mummy’s fruit basket. Oh i could still feel an orange under me, no wonder i feel uneasy at first, haha!


in the fruit basket

I love mum’s wooden cabinet. I love the coolness of the wood on my belly so i often sit here.


on top of the table

I sleep with mum so her bed is really my favorite. Sometimes i sleep near her feet but lately i’ve been sleeping on her pillow and mum never gets tired of giving me chin rubs every night. 


on mummy’s bed

Mum is doing all her blogging here at the dining table and i love to watch her a lot. 


on top of the table

And of course you’ll find me here too at the cat condo. Tiger and I are sharing this so i sleep on one kittybed and he sleeps at the other. 


at the cat condo

Well, visit me here again on Friday for another fun post. Kitty hugs to all!

kitty STAR”

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