sleeping beauty

Cat Purrday Friday Post

“Hello everyone, Star here.. I know it’s rather late. Mum arrived so late last night and she wasn’t able to do some blogging so this Friday post was just done today and it’s Saturday. So sorry about that. Anyway, i’ll be telling you about my favorite sleeping nooks. Yes, i have photos while sleeping. 

One of my favorite spots to sleep, near the phone and sometimes i’m doing it with my head on top of it. Haha, mum couldn’t use the phone when i’m on it.

IMG_5221 - Copy


Here i am at the cat condo. I love to sleep here, it’s so smooth and i love the color so fitting for a princess like me. 🙂 



This one is at the very corner under the stairs. I love it here, no one could bug me. Sometimes even Tiger couldn’t find me here.



Here’s at the cat condo too but at the very top. 



Well, sometimes i sleep on mum’s bed.



Mum always finds me sleeping like this near the door and she said my pose is kinda awkward but really, it’s not. 



Hope you’ll visit me again on Friday. Happy weekend mum’s friends and furry friends. 🙂 “

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