cat purrday friday post: choc stars

Hello dear friends, Star here.

During one of mom’s trips at the supermarket, she found these chocolate bars. I know, i know that chocolates are bad for me but mom couldn’t keep her excitement and instantly took a photo.


My favorites are the second and the last one because well… because they are cat celebrities just like me.

Can you name all of them?

Happy Weekend 🙂

Sweet hugs and purr,
kittycat Star

cat purrday friday post: my fascinator

Hello my furfriends. Mum has been so busy attending to Queenie’s needs. He still needs to take his medicines until end of October. Inspite of that mum still has time to play with me … One time we mum played with my pink feather cat toy. Nope, mum did not let me chase it, instead she made fun of me but i think in a cute way.

Hmm… okay.. love the feathers but does it look good on me?



Oh i get it, putting that on my head like a fascinator… yes, so princess-like.



But i am getting sleepy… (mum is so happy taking photos so i am going to tolerate this for a while)..



Now it looks like i’m wearing a pink furry hat.. Nice… but...



I am really sleepy.



Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Hugs and sweet kitty kisses,
Kittycat Star


cat purrday friday post: this box is mine

Hi dear friends. Can you guess the real owner of the big blue box?



20131120_205346aIf you guessed Boots, you are correct. Well actually the box is really for Boots. Mum bought this box so Boots could use it as his own litter box. I have my own and it’s colored green. Tiger has his own too and it’s yellow. Both are covered and with flapping doors. I love mine cause you know it gives me some privacy. You see, Boots don’t like covered litter boxes. Silly boy, he doesn’t even know how to use the flapping door. 

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and i hope i made you smile today.

Warm hugs and kitty kisses
kittycat Star


cat purrday friday post: throwback friday

Hi everyone! Well, i know throwbacks are usually made on a Thursday but i will do it on a Friday so i could share with you some of my photos when i was just a cute kitty… 

first day with mum

first day with mum

I am about 5 months old in this next photo. I just had a very rough play with my sibling Kristina and i was panting and grasping for air but we had fun.

Star at 5 mos.

Star at 5 mos.

I love my sibling Kristina. I grew up with her and we always sleep together on mum’s bed. 


sleeping together

We still sleep together… see i’m bigger now in this next photo. This is still Kristina, she just looked different after a haircut. 


sleeping together

That’s all for now… i hope you’ll visit me again on my next cat purrday post. 



If you want to see more of my photos (as well as my siblings) you may want to visit my Instagram page. I promise you, i could make you smile.


Star’s Instagram page

Have a nice weekend. Lots of hugs and sweet kitty kisses,
kittycat Star


cat purrday friday post: Tiger’s crib

Hello my dearest friends. I just love Fridays. Well, today i would be telling you about the new crib. Mum bought this at the petfood and supplies store for less than P40.00 or less than a dollar. So cheap isn’t it. You know this crib is really not meant for cats. Yup, that’s right… not for cats. But when mum saw these cribs hanging at the store she thought it could make an awesome kitty bed. Of course mum’s right as this has been one of my siblings Tiger’s favorite place to sleep. Did i just say that this is not for cats? I’ll tell you a secret. This is actually for hens… it’s a nest. Usually, some hays are put inside which makes for a good bedding for hens to lay eggs. Anyway, it’s now called the cat’s nest from now on or shall i say Tiger’s crib. Oh by the way, the crib is actually comfy. It is made of handwoven bamboo sheets, lightweight and most of all it really fits the cat cause we kitties really love to curl. 



If Tiger is not around, you could find me in the cat’s nest too but please don’t tell Tiger. 



That’s all for now. Wishing everyone a very nice weekend.

Lots of kitty hugs and kisses,
kittycat Star

cat purrday friday post: can you find me?

Hi everyone. Mum is so happy that our internet connection has been restored. Well, it has been down for the past 10 days because of the recent strong typhoon. It had been an agonizing and difficult 10 days… electric power was back after 5 days, water supply was back after 7 days and finally we got to use the phone and the internet just today.

Mum was so funny the other day, she has been looking for me and couldn’t find me and she thought i was under the bed but i’m up here. 

star's chilling spot

star’s chilling spot

I love my mum, she really reserved a spot for me in the cabinet where i could take my nap. Can you find me? 

Oh by the way, here’s another photo of my boyfriend Boots. Mum has updated her ABOUT page and he’s now one of the family. He is such a cutie wearing the green jersey!



That’s all for now and see ‘ya all on my next cat purrday post. Have a happy weekend 🙂

Hugs and purrs,
kitty Star





cat purrday friday post: TGIF

Hello furry friends,

It’s TGIF and it’s time for my cat purrday friday post. Before anything else, i want to share this photo which mum took very recently. As always, mum had a hard time looking for me because my color almost always blends well where i hide. I did a lot of grooming after that cause it’s kinda dusty in that old shoe cabinet. 


Star’s new found hideaway

Do you remember Noisy the new (fur)kid on the block which mum posted here? Well, mum is so happy that for the first time in weeks that she has been feeding him, Noisy brushed himself on mum’s legs while begging for his food this morning. Taking advantage of the little trust, mum slowly began to stroke her fingers on him and slowly inched her hand to his head. Noisy did not hiss but tolerated mum’s stroking. 

Next week, i will have a new playmate because mum would be fostering a handsome fellow and his name is Boots. His human (mum’s niece) will be working overseas so mum will be taking care of him when she leaves. She already fostered Boots before when mum’s niece went for a vacation for two weeks and she blogged about him here. Well, i wasn’t even born yet at that time so Boots is older than me. This time, i think Boots will be staying with us for a very long time. Here’s Boots together with my bestfriend and sibling Kristina. 


Boots and Kristina

That’s all friends.. i’ll be looking forward on your next visit. Have a happy weekend.

Hugs and purrs,
kitty Star

cat purrday friday post: spot the kitty

Can you spot the kitty?

Yesterday, i had a hard time looking for kitty Star and was so surprised about her new hideaway.

20130807_032902 (2)

can you spot kitty Star?

Star’s all white color makes her almost invisible and as such, it’s even harder to shoot a good portrait. I think every photographer knows that it’s always a challenge to make a better photo of a certain subject with only one color.

Last August 5, 2013, i sent a photo (portrait) of Star my lovable kitty to Otto thru his Picture Critique site because i would like to have some feedback from a professional with regard to my photography. I believe that his tips and suggestions could help me to further improve my skill.

Here’s a portrait of Star which i think some of you may have seen before as i’ve already posted it previously in my blog here.



Otto’s reply and feedback:

This is a delightful portrait of an equally beautiful cat. You have captured it in a expressive moment when the cat is following something outside of the frame with intense interest. The light is soft, coming from the left which brings out the features of the kitty in an appealing way. Looks like you used the light from a window which almost always provide nice light as long as the sun doesn’t shine directly onto the subject (or maybe it was a soft bank?). The reflection of the light in the eye, makes it come alive. I like the fact that it’s almost a black and white picture except for the yellow eye and the pink snout, which then adds that little detail that brings life to the picture. Very eye catching. I also like the way the white cat stands out from the clean and almost black background. I am not sure if it’s caused by the way you have lit the picture or because you made the background dark in the post-processing. It really doesn’t matter, the result is nevertheless a clean picture easy to read. Maybe I would have like to have some nuances in the background so it doesn’t get all monotonic and a bit dull. Another minor objection on my part is the way the head is centred in the frame. Maybe you should crop the picture much tighter so that the head is placed more to the right in the frame. Another idea could be to extend the canvas along the top edge which would create a lot of space in the direction the cat is looking. It should be easy to accomplish since the background is so evenly black. It would make for a very dynamic composition. Anyway these are only minor objection. I think you have made lovely picture, captured the spirit of the kitty in a delightful way.

Well, i guess my photography is not really bad at all. I was so delighted reading Otto’s feedback. You may also submit one of your best photos to Otto if you want his thoughts and opinion. Don’t worry, he gives constructive feedback which are really encouraging and inspiring.

cat purrday friday post: happy birthday grandmum, not so-vintage photos and (fur)kid Noisy’s silhouette

Good day furry friends..



My grandmum celebrated her 80th birthday and mummy bought this delightful coffee crunch cake. It has delicious honeycomb crunch toppings and mum says it tastes so good.


coffee crunch birthday cake

Here’s a photo of grandmum when she’s just a little girl. She is really pretty, isn’t she?


my grandmum

And here’s a photo of my mum when she’s a little girl. Mum says this photo was taken during a visit to her grandmother in the province. I think it’s awesome that grandmum and mum looks so identical. (Oh Star, of course sweetie, she’s my mum – from Star’s mum).


mummy’s photo

Oh by the way, new fur(kid) in town Noisy waits for mum everyday without fail at the terrace. I could see that Noisy is really gaining weight. He used to be so skinny when i first saw him.


(fur)kid Noisy


(fur)kid Noisy

Well, it’s been fun sharing with you these happy moments. I hope to see all of you again on my next cat purrday post. 

Hugs and Purrs,
from kitty Star

cat purrday friday post: new (fur)kid on the block

Hello everyone! It’s nice to be back… I’m so glad that the renovation in the house is already finished and that mum could find time to blog again.



These are some recent photos of my brother Tiger. 



Tiger looks so funny when sleeping. Did you notice his tongue sticking out? Haha.



Me, i have a new hangout… the stairs… I love it here. It’s like i’m at a viewing deck.



Recently, mum has been feeding this boy, a new (fur)kid on the block… Mum named him NOISY because as his name implied, he really is very noisy. He meows loudly especially if mum is calling him. You could always find him lounging in one of the seats at the terrace and he is an everyday visitor. Mum says he pities Noisy because he has some bite wounds on his back near his tail. Maybe it was from one of the street dogs. Maybe it would still take some time before mum could gain his trust as he still hisses a lot. It’s good that once he sees mum with food he becomes a bit relaxed. I hope Noisy and mum could be friends soon. Mum says she likes Noisy because his features are so unique… he is a white cat but he has black eyeliners, black top, black nose, black nails, black tail and black lipstick. 



Well, i know it’s already Monday and that this should have been posted last Friday. Sorry about that. Mum says she’s still adjusting.

That’s all for now.

Kitty hugs and purrs,