breakaway kitty collars

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hi furry friends, kitty Star here. Welcome to my purrday Friday post. 



Have you heard of the breakaway kitty collar? Mum says it’s the safest collar for me and my sibling Tiger. It’s the one that could snap easily if caught on anything because we kitties are so adventurous, we love to climb and we love to go to high places.

Here’s a photo of my collar.

kitty Star’s breakaway collar

And here’s Tiger’s collar.

Tiger’s breakaway collar

Here’s a photo of Tiger with his breakaway collar.



These types of collars like the photo below, when hooked on a tree branch or snagged on a fence or a window latch could easily strangle and put your 9 lives in danger. Bad thing to wear.

PicMonkey Collage1

unsafe kitty collars

Meet Queenie.



He (that’s right, Queenie is a He) is one of the many cats of my grand-mum. When my grand-mum named him, she thought Queenie is a female. I guess my mum’s love of cats she got from my grand-mum. One day, Queenie’s collar got caught in the fence and he was dangling for quite sometime before a passing neighbor saw him and immediately informed my grand-mum about it. So, my mum’s niece hurriedly went outside with a scissor and cut the collar away. Queenie almost died since my mum’s niece told me that his tongue is out and not breathing. Grand-mum took him inside the house and gave him a little shake and yey, he’s okay. But he was really panting and grasping for breath.

Wear breakaway kitty collars. They are safer especially if you are an indoor/outdoor cat. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend kitty friends.

kitty Star”

12 thoughts on “breakaway kitty collars

    • elizz says:

      hi princess, oh yes you should.. well, i’ve seen mum looking at a website where you could order, it could be personalized too with your name and address, and it’s safe too, you know how we love to explore high places so it’s safe to have a breakaway collar just in case it got snagged.. have a nice monday princess 🙂 kitty hugs from Star 🙂

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