hey buddy

Who or what comes into your mind when you hear the word BUDDY? I bet most people will immediately think about their pets and “hey buddy” is even a common pet greeting.

Presenting… my laptop buddies. Please enjoy. ūüôā

Ashton and Tiger side by side.

All paws up!

Ashton and Tiger are nap buddies.

I’m holding this for you mom.

Can i help you type?

Boots in lala land… shh don’t disturb.

Can we play first before i take my nap?

I know they are just enjoying the warmth coming from it but i think they just want to be near me and just hang out and be annoyingly cute and adorable.

happy #TTT taco tongue tuesday

Some photos to make you (and me) smile… happy TACO TONGUE TUESDAY!

TTT or Taco Tongue Tuesday is a popular hashtag on social media to celebrate tongues of cats and other fluffy and furry cute pets.







Updates on Queenie:

It was tiring and hectic and stressful the previous week. I was super busy hence i have no time to post and visit blogs.¬†My mom’s cat Queenie was back at the vet last week due to some sores again in his mouth because of¬†his auto-immune disease. He (yes, he’s a HE) was confined for 3 days because he¬†needed IV fluids for hydration¬†and shots of steroids and antibiotics.¬†My mom is having a hard time in caring for him so Queenie is now staying with me. Other than his auto-immune disease, his liver test reading is also slightly elevated. Right now, he has 4 different kinds of medicines… prednisone (steroid), doxyvet (anti-infective), immunol (for immunity) and liverolin (appetizer, immune enhancer and to promote healthy liver). It really takes a lot of patience caring for a special needs cat. So far, he eats well and drinks a lot.


Queenie (older photo)

After all that Queenie has been through, i admire his strong will to live and survive. He is such a sweet boy and i will do my best to give him a good quality of life. He will be back at the vet after two weeks for a recheck.


cat purrday friday post: Star is on Instagram

Hello furry friends.. Star here and welcome to my Cat Purrday Friday Post. I would love to share with you some of my recent posts on Instagram. Here they are. Enjoy!

This photo was taken last night and i’m already sleeping and mum is still taking photos of me.¬†



My kitty paw ūüôā



Little princess (that’s me) sound asleep.



Here’s another photo of me sleeping. .



One of my favorite poses when i take a nap.



My big blue and golden eyes..



Ssshhh! Don’t tell mum i’m up here! Mum would get really angry because this place is so high.. look i’m almost at the ceiling.



Do you want to see more photos of me? You may visit or if you wish you may also follow my Instagram starlight427.

Happy Friday everyone and kitty hugs to all.


tagged K: kibbles

With so many pets, so many mouths to feed (3 dogs and 2 kitties), i’ve been buying different kinds and brands of kibbles. The 2 adult dogs eat the same brand, while the puppy (he is the newest addition to my ever growing family) a Shih Tzu is eating Royal Canin puppy kibbles specifically for Shih Tzu. The 2 kitties eat different brands too. My puspin (domestic short hair) kitty Tiger eats Whiskas while my kitty Star who is a Persian eats Royal Canin specifically for Persian cats. Oh my, keeping and storing these kibbles used to be a problem. So, i bought plastic containers for cereals and they make very good kibble keepers. Not only they are airtight but ant proof too.



During the photo shoot, kitty Star ate some of Tiger’s kibbles.





For storing in the fridge, i use the plastic lid of Fritos dip in can as a cover for the dog food in can. For the cat food in can, i made use of the lid of a chocolate spread and yes, it really fits perfectly.

I also feed my pets home-cooked meal. Vegetables like carrots, peas are added to ground meat which are mixed to kibbles to provide them with more nutritious food.

Some of you might be a little overwhelmed as to how i could manage to feed them all. But, training these lovely pets at an early age really helped a lot so they are quite behaved during feeding time.

What are your stories/photos tagged K? Share them now at Frizz’s Tagged K challenge.

fun foto challenge: pets

Cat Purrday Friday Post:


A candid photo i took of STAR while she’s busy looking out the window. Big bright eyes staring at the birds, her face is a picture of excitement.

Do you want to see more photos of “pets”? Visit Cee’s blog¬†to know more about the weekly fun foto challenge.

meet kittycat TIGER, a new member of the family

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Oh dear Star, this post is not about you sweetie. Let us introduce Tiger, your new sibling and playmate.

Meet Tiger, a male PusPin or Pusang Pinoy¬†(pusa means cat in English and pinoy a short form of Filipino) breed most commonly known as domestic short hair house cat. I just adopted him from CARA¬†clinic¬†last Wednesday October 31, 2012. There are at least 50 kittens/cats at CARA clinic for adoption and i’ve chosen Tiger because we bonded instantly. He is super sweet and friendly and i think would be a very good sibling and playmate for my kittycat Star and my lovely doggie Kristina.

Here are some of the photos i took of Tiger about a few hours when we arrived home. Star is so funny and curious, she kept on poking at Tiger even when he’s asleep.

curious about my camera

Uh-oh, who’s occupying my kittybed now?

Oh Star, you are so funny!  Haha, that face.. !!

looking out the window to watch the birdies for the first time..

gorgeous bed, isn’t it Tiger?

I love you Star, you are a such good girl! Thank you for accepting Tiger.

Today, i’ve seen that Star and Tiger has been running around and playing with each other already and i feel so happy.

Everything is doing well. Tiger is one lucky kittycat indeed for finding his forever home with me. I just wish that more and more people would be willing to adopt the poor kitties. Like Tiger, they too are in need of forever homes to live the lives that they truly deserve at home with a family.


kittycat Star’s cat condo

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Oh lucky you my dearest Star, now a proud owner of an awesome cat condo. I ordered it on Tuesday and it was delivered today (Friday). Fast isn’t it?

Star’s cat condo is gorgeous

toy hanging in the cat condo; this will keep Star busy

my little doggie Kristina seems pretty interested in Star’s cat condo

Originally, Star’s cat condo has flatforms at the top but i requested that they should be kittybeds instead. Also, the original design has a ladder but i opted to have it removed because i think the ladder would take up some space in my living room. Yes, you could choose the color of your own liking for your cat condo.

If you want to give your dear furryball a cool cat condo, here’s the link to their site.


Other than dog and cat beds/condo, they also offer other pet accessories like perches for your birds, bird stands, bird toys, and even housing for your reptiles or small exotic animals. They customize based on your own design.  And the most important thing, they are very nice to deal with, super friendly and they ship abroad. Click here for more of their products.

Till next Friday.. happy Cat Purrday! Kittycat says “meow”…

going UP

Cat Purrday Friday Post

A lot of fellow bloggers and readers have been asking me how my kittycat Star could go up on her favorite perch which is on top of the door. Here’s how:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She could sit there for a long period of time just watching the birds. And how she loves it!

Thank you for viewing!

Til next Friday.  Have a happy weekend.

my odd-eyed kittycat Star

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Kittycat Star is an all-white odd-eyed furry little creature. She’s very playful but very loving in her own ways. Her bestfriend is my little doggie Kristina. Odd-eyed kitties are born with different colors of each eye i.e. one blue and one yellow, brown or green eye. I have read that odd-eyes are usually common with white cats but it may also be present with cats of any color.

And here she is, showing off at her favorite roost:


“I could see you mommy.. look, i’m up here!”


“This is my favorite spot mommy.. from here i could see the yard, i could see all the birdies visiting your garden.. and a while ago i saw a butterfly..¬† i could see the lizards from here too. I just love this spot.”


“Hey mommy, is my posing alright? I could be cuter you know..”


“What about this pose mommy? I won’t look at your camera, looking candid right?”

Now she’s showing off her beautiful face:


“Hey mom, i could hear the chirping of the birds, a lot of them.”


“But i’m kinda sleepy now.. i think i’m going to watch them later, i need some power catnap.”


“Mom, i am sleepy, when are we going to finish the photoshoot?”


“Okay mom, this is the last, after this shot i will be in la-la-land.”

CAT PURRDAY is a weekly (every Friday) cat post. It is not a photo challenge but it’s all about photo and story sharing of our beloved furries.

Happy posting and keep those purrs coming!

My kitty STAR just turned 3 months

It has been more than a month since i acquired my kitty Star. She is gaining weight, very active, very playful, and more cute than ever.


Star is always so camera-ready..

One of the places that she loves to pose is on the stairs where she could have a good view of us, with her blue and copper eyes following us around.

she's playing peek-a-boo with me while taking her photo.

These are her favorite toys:

cat toy