luxury of being alone

I am happy being single again… well, still not legally single but SINGLE. I must admit that i used to be afraid about the consequences of being separated and being alone. With a little savings, i was thinking more on how i would survive. But hey, i’ve come to realize that i need not be afraid. It’s not the end of the world but rather a renewal. I think being alone is the happiest thing that ever happened to me because it freed me from stress, emotional trauma and pain. I don’t need a cheater and a liar. It is better be alone than be with someone who don’t value me as a person and not be respected. For me, cheating or having an affair is the utmost betrayal. I felt so insulted and disrespected. Anyway, as i’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, i have moved on. I am enjoying my alone time.

After my chores are done my room is my private sanctuary. It is where i recharge and connect to my inner self. Some little belly rubs to my cat and hugs to my doggie instantly provide calmness and relaxation. And as i lull myself to sleep, thinking about future plans and dreams give me hope. It makes me happy.


Good thoughts, relaxing moments, furry sleepbuddies equals a good night sleep 🙂 Comfort in my solitude.

This is my entry for today’s daily prompt: SOLITUDE by Daily Post.

cat purrday friday post: spot the kitty

Can you spot the kitty?

Yesterday, i had a hard time looking for kitty Star and was so surprised about her new hideaway.

20130807_032902 (2)

can you spot kitty Star?

Star’s all white color makes her almost invisible and as such, it’s even harder to shoot a good portrait. I think every photographer knows that it’s always a challenge to make a better photo of a certain subject with only one color.

Last August 5, 2013, i sent a photo (portrait) of Star my lovable kitty to Otto thru his Picture Critique site because i would like to have some feedback from a professional with regard to my photography. I believe that his tips and suggestions could help me to further improve my skill.

Here’s a portrait of Star which i think some of you may have seen before as i’ve already posted it previously in my blog here.



Otto’s reply and feedback:

This is a delightful portrait of an equally beautiful cat. You have captured it in a expressive moment when the cat is following something outside of the frame with intense interest. The light is soft, coming from the left which brings out the features of the kitty in an appealing way. Looks like you used the light from a window which almost always provide nice light as long as the sun doesn’t shine directly onto the subject (or maybe it was a soft bank?). The reflection of the light in the eye, makes it come alive. I like the fact that it’s almost a black and white picture except for the yellow eye and the pink snout, which then adds that little detail that brings life to the picture. Very eye catching. I also like the way the white cat stands out from the clean and almost black background. I am not sure if it’s caused by the way you have lit the picture or because you made the background dark in the post-processing. It really doesn’t matter, the result is nevertheless a clean picture easy to read. Maybe I would have like to have some nuances in the background so it doesn’t get all monotonic and a bit dull. Another minor objection on my part is the way the head is centred in the frame. Maybe you should crop the picture much tighter so that the head is placed more to the right in the frame. Another idea could be to extend the canvas along the top edge which would create a lot of space in the direction the cat is looking. It should be easy to accomplish since the background is so evenly black. It would make for a very dynamic composition. Anyway these are only minor objection. I think you have made lovely picture, captured the spirit of the kitty in a delightful way.

Well, i guess my photography is not really bad at all. I was so delighted reading Otto’s feedback. You may also submit one of your best photos to Otto if you want his thoughts and opinion. Don’t worry, he gives constructive feedback which are really encouraging and inspiring.

thank you

Thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear blogger friends. Today, this blog reached 200 followers (203 as of this writing). I had my first post in September 2, 2011 and it earned 1 like. Thank you Mary of MyTropicalHome for being the first “liker” of my very first post and since then this blog had over 28K visits and almost 3K comments. I would consider this as a big milestone.

My posts had evolved over time. It’s so fulfilling that i could happily interact with my fellow bloggers. Little did i know that i would reach this number of followers.

At the end of the day, the number of followers would always be just numbers. What is more important is that i gained a lot of blogger friends who will always be one of my sources of inspiration. And for as long as there are wonderful readers like you, i would continue to share my thoughts and photos.

My kitty Star says thank you too. And here’s her first ever instavid that i posted the other day on Instagram. Please click Star’s photo to play the instagram video.


Star’s first instavid


cat purrday friday post: new (fur)kid on the block

Hello everyone! It’s nice to be back… I’m so glad that the renovation in the house is already finished and that mum could find time to blog again.



These are some recent photos of my brother Tiger. 



Tiger looks so funny when sleeping. Did you notice his tongue sticking out? Haha.



Me, i have a new hangout… the stairs… I love it here. It’s like i’m at a viewing deck.



Recently, mum has been feeding this boy, a new (fur)kid on the block… Mum named him NOISY because as his name implied, he really is very noisy. He meows loudly especially if mum is calling him. You could always find him lounging in one of the seats at the terrace and he is an everyday visitor. Mum says he pities Noisy because he has some bite wounds on his back near his tail. Maybe it was from one of the street dogs. Maybe it would still take some time before mum could gain his trust as he still hisses a lot. It’s good that once he sees mum with food he becomes a bit relaxed. I hope Noisy and mum could be friends soon. Mum says she likes Noisy because his features are so unique… he is a white cat but he has black eyeliners, black top, black nose, black nails, black tail and black lipstick. 



Well, i know it’s already Monday and that this should have been posted last Friday. Sorry about that. Mum says she’s still adjusting.

That’s all for now.

Kitty hugs and purrs,

cat purrday friday post: hello furry friends! i’m back…

Hi everyone! It’s really good to be home and there’s no place like it. Well, i don’t like it in the pet hospital. I was so sad when i was there because i missed mummy. And it’s lonely out there because i saw some furry friends who are sick too just like me. But some are really very ill. Sometimes it’s hard for me to sleep too because i always hear the doggie who is a labrador just below my cage who is crying in pain. Oh how i wish i could help her.Then there’s a cat at the other side who has dextrose attached on her leg and it must be painful and even if i said hi, she wouldn’t even glance at me. She is terribly sick. But more than anything else, i missed my mum and i’m sure she missed me too. I don’t want to be at the pet hospital again, ever! 

(Note: on the day when Star was discharged from the pet hospital, i looked for the labrador as her cage below Star was empty. Sadly, she passed and gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Sshhh.. i never told Star about it.)



I so love mummy. She sees to it that i could take my medicines on time. She even had to set her alarms so she could be reminded. All in all, i have 3 medicines which are to be taken at different time intervals so she has 3 alarms for the day. Well, i hate the medicines especially the pill (yuck!) but if those could make me really well then i don’t have any choice, do i? Hmm.. i think i’m really getting well. I eat a lot now, i’m more active and sometimes grumpy if my lil brother Tiger bugs me. I would say i’m back to being myself.

I will be back at the pet hospital on June 15, 2013. Did i just say i don’t want to ever go back there? Sigh! Mummy said that i have to. They will count my blood again. I wonder how they do the counting, it is liquid isn’t it? Oh well, again i must do it. I really want to be well and good and i want this anemia to get out of me forever. Mum said anemia is having a lower than normal number of red blood cells. Oh this medical terms are giving me a headache. Anyway, thank you all for the well-wishes. Mummy is very happy that i have so many many friends who sent their love, thoughts and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and kitty kisses…

Please be with me again on my next Cat Purrday Post.

kitty STAR

my e-journal: Star’s passion flower, kitty Star is home, i’m happy to the nth power

I received a text message this morning that kitty Star is now eating and i could take her home today. I am so happy. No words could ever describe my extreme happiness. I thanked God that my kitty is getting okay.

I also noticed this morning that the passion flower bud has opened. I already have the red variety and this one has purple flowers. I will be calling it Star’s passion flower because it bloomed today as i was about to take my kitty home. My kitty Star is doing okay and for the first time i saw my plant’s flower so it’s a double happiness for me today.


passion flower


passion flower


passion flower

When i arrived at the hospital i saw that Star is still eating and that’s a great sign. Her doctor explained to me how to administer her medications at home. Here’s her photo, she’s in the carrier and ready for home. What a great joy!

PicMonkey Collage1


As soon as i arrived home, i wrote a big reminder which i posted on the fridge about her 3 medicines that are to be given at different time intervals. When i asked her doctor as to what really went wrong with Star, she says that she is anemic. The disease might be hereditary because of her breed or it may be caused by viral infection. The 3 medicines are prednisone for the management and treatment of her immune system, antibiotics for viral infection and iron supplements to aid in the production of red blood cells. She will be having a recheck on June 15, 2013 for complete blood count again to see if the medications are really working for her.

Kitty Star and I are truly grateful for all your thoughts, prayers, concern and well wishes. Well, she will really have something to say on her Cat Purrday Friday Post so please watch out for that.

Sending love and thanks to everyone.

cat purrday friday post: sleeping time

Hello furry friends.. Star here. I want to share with you some photos of me on my mum’s bed. I usually sleep here but sometimes i prefer sleeping on top of the stereo components together with mum’s other furries as you would see in this photo.

I just love it here on mum’s bed… so soft, so smooth and so sweet-smelling. I could sleep here the whole day.



I could even stretch out on here like this … ahh, it feels good!



Well, this photo is a bit blurred, sorry about that. You see, i was trying to play with my mum’s stylus dangling from her cellphone as she was taking this photo..



Here’s me so sound asleep now. Did you notice my pink nose?



Goodnight dear friends. Please visit me again on Friday.. kitty hugs to all.


cat purrday friday post: Star’s instagram (that’s me) on mum’s sidebar

Hello everyone! Mum made some changes on her blog’s layout. She posted my Instagram on her sidebar.. yeheyyy! Just in case you want to see so many more photos of me, just click that photo icon and it will redirect you to my Instagram posts. 

Do you want to see last night’s posts on my Instagram? Well, mum had a fun time taking photos of me.. well parts of me. 


my furry paws


my long whiskers


my furry tail


sorry about my dirty feet mum..


my pink nose

And good thing there’s also a photo of the whole me..



Please visit me again on Friday on my next cat purrday post. Have a great weekend! 


cat purrday friday post: Star is on Instagram

Hello furry friends.. Star here and welcome to my Cat Purrday Friday Post. I would love to share with you some of my recent posts on Instagram. Here they are. Enjoy!

This photo was taken last night and i’m already sleeping and mum is still taking photos of me. 



My kitty paw 🙂



Little princess (that’s me) sound asleep.



Here’s another photo of me sleeping. .



One of my favorite poses when i take a nap.



My big blue and golden eyes..



Ssshhh! Don’t tell mum i’m up here! Mum would get really angry because this place is so high.. look i’m almost at the ceiling.



Do you want to see more photos of me? You may visit or if you wish you may also follow my Instagram starlight427.

Happy Friday everyone and kitty hugs to all.


cat purrday friday post: sorry about the screen door mum!

My kitty Star loves  to go up the screen door everytime she hears birds tweeting. Solution: go crawl up the screen door to have a better outside view.

Oh Star, look at my screen door now, it’s riddled with your claw marks.

She’ll stay attached to it for some time until she decides to climb all the way on top of the door to roost and watch the outside world.