meet chloe

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

A day in the life of Chloe in Dubai.


“Do i look pretty mom? I’m watching the view from up here at the window and you are making me pose for the camera.” 


“Ahhh, i love sleeping like this. After all, this space is mine and i rule the kitchen, right mom?


“I love this cozy sofa bed.. and the animal print fleece blanket is so smooth..  mommy and i share a lot of bonding moments here. Hey mom, please turn on the tv set, i want to watch tv.”

Chloe is my sister’s cute and spoiled furryball and about the same age as my kitty Star. She’s a bit naughty but funny.

11 thoughts on “meet chloe

    • starlight says:

      thank you so much, i’ve been following Gracie’s Blog FramesAndFocus and i’ve learned about the 3 awards which you are being nominated and then shared with me.. congratulations, your blog is very inspiring.. thank you april for passing these award nominations to me, because it only means that no matter how humble and simple my blog is, there are wonderful people (just like you) who truly believe that mine is inspiring as well.. my furry friends really give me fun and happines.. again, thank you 🙂

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