exciting garden finds

While at my garden more than a week ago, i found a nest tucked neatly on the rosal tree.

My rosal tree is just about 5 feet tall and it blooms all year round.


The nest is still empty but i saw mama bird up on the cable wire, still with a strand of grass on her beak, maybe observing me too while i took these photos.

About 3 days after, i decided to visit the nest again, carefully doing it while the mama bird is out. And look what i found! There are now 2 eggs inside the nest. I marvel at how intricately the bird made its nest.




From that day on, i’ve been visiting the nest everyday. Mama bird seldom leaves the nest now and she’s continuously sitting on her eggs.

It’s been raining since this morning and i saw the poor mama bird curled up in the nest, unmindful of the bad weather just to protect her eggs from the pouring rain.

I’m very excited! I couldn’t wait to see these eggs hatch successfully and of course take photos of them.

So, what exciting things have you seen in your own garden today?

10 thoughts on “exciting garden finds

    • starlight says:

      i often see nests in trees in my garden but they are often located so high for me to see and observe..but this time i’m so excited that the bird had chosen my rosal tree which is just 5ft tall, i could see it clearly everyday even at a distance.. will surely share the photos once they hatched.

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    I also love watching the birds build their nest and care for their young. Thanks for the link to Source of Inspiration. It helped me find your charming blog. Hugs, pat

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