i’m bacccckkkk!!!!

Wow! It has been almost two years since my last post. A lot of things have happened. I have way too much fur babies now… new rescued kitties and doggies too. I will be updating my About page soon.

Hello friends πŸ™‚ I hope everyone is doing well and i will try to read your posts in the days to come.

Well, a lot has happened in my personal life. I have learned that i was being cheated on. Yes, that’s right. I just couldn’t believe that the person whom i know who will respect, protect and care for me is the same person who would give me miseries and pain. My life changed overnight. I just can’t forgive and forget because of the emotional traumaΒ that it caused me. It was a struggle dealing with it… a long and agonizing journey. Being cheated on is the most painful and ultimate betrayal in a relationship. I became bitter and angry at the same time.

Fast forward to TODAY. I have moved on and it is the best decision i have ever made. It was a long process but I have dealt with the pain. I just woke up one day and realized that i am happier being single again. Being alone is better than being with someone who don’t value me. I left my past in the past. I don’t want to carry the emotional burden which will only pull me down and prevent me from being happy and affect my future. I deserved to be happy and i want to be happy.

Okay, enough of the drama. For good vibes, here’s a photo of STAR, my lovely princess and is looking gorgeous as ever.


Star makes me smile as always. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “i’m bacccckkkk!!!!

  1. pilch92 says:

    I am sorry for all that you had to go through, but I am glad you got through it and found happiness. Star is beautiful.

    • elizz says:

      thank you.. it was really a long journey. the worst part is that i never really imagine that it would happen to me.. anyway, i’m good and happy with all the furbabes around me. πŸ™‚

  2. bikerchick57 says:

    Congratulations on TODAY and your happiness. It’s difficult to deal with the break-up of a relationship, but it’s joyful when you find peace on the other side. I’m glad you made your way back to WordPress, looking forward to your posts, Elizz. πŸ™‚

    • elizz says:

      thanks again.. it was not easy, i was not only frustrated and angry but also confused because i did not see that coming.. but we only have one life to live and i’ve chosen happiness instead of being bitter and mad at the world..

  3. Inside the Mind of Isadora says:

    I’m sorry you ahd to endure betrayal. I agree it’s the ultimate one can do to another. 😒
    I believe your furchildren will help you to continue to heal.
    Be well …. I look forward to seeing some more of your posts.
    Be HAPPY …😍
    Isadora 😎

  4. arlene says:

    Hi Elizz, I just wondered where you are then clicked an old post and saw your name, Voila, you’re blogging again. I’ve missed reading your posts. Really sorry that you have to undergo such painful experience, the worst pain that has to happen in a married life. Four years ago, I was in the same predicament but I learned to let go and move on. No regrets, my kids are enough for me.

    • elizz says:

      hi arlene.. took me a long time to blog again.. i guess i just needed the time for my healing.. if i was blogging during that time, for sure my readers would be fed up and feel nauseated about my rants and anger.. so i took a little hiatus.. the pain is still there, it would never go away but no looking back now… life is beautiful di ba.. like you, my kids are enough for me too..

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