lucky finds

Lucky find no. 1.
Twelve (12) years after it was planted in 2004 when we moved in to our new home, this flowering shrub is still thriving. It endured so many destructive typhoons, withstood the strongest rain and wind, endured the hottest weather during summer and yet it never fails to give me the sweetest and most white flowers season after season.


Lucky find no. 2.
I found a whisker today. I’m sure that i’m not the only one who smiles finding this rare gem. I usually tape it on my planner on the date i found it. If you are a catmom, you just know as to whom the whisker belongs to. Ashton’s whisker (the one in the photo) is medium length, thick and with a dark gray root. Boots being a persian has whiskers that are longer with a slightly gray root. Star being an all white persian has long white and soft whiskers. Tiger a gingercat has long soft white whiskers with a bit of an orange-y root. Kuting, also a gingercat has medium length thick white whiskers. Puti a domestic short hair kitten has baby soft short white whiskers.

It is believed that finding a cat’s whisker is a sign of good luck. I consider them as sweet mementos, cute little treasures and fun things to collect.


Do you collect cat whiskers like i do?

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: RESILIENT.

weekly photo challenge: a day in my life

A typical day for me starts early. Waking up late makes my head ache. Breakfast, chores and more chores follow soon after and i don’t want to bore you talking about them.

Some free time gives me the chance to visit my garden and finding flower buds ready to bloom and some have opened up to reveal their sweet scent. Here are some of them, photos taken at different times of the day.

I had some cheese curls for snacks. I know it isn’t a healthy snack but got to give in to my cravings for now.


cheese curls

I also sliced a lemon to make a refreshing iced lemon water. Well, it’s different from a lemonade. I just put some slices of lemon in plain cold water, no sugar added please. Ahh, so good! They say that lemon in water has medicinal benefits as it helps in cleansing the body and aids in digestion.



I usually retire at 10pm and when i go up the stairs towards my room, it’s like i’m the Mother Hen with my girl Kristina, my princess Star, and my adorable handsome adopted kitty Tiger following me. They all sleep with me in the room. Kristina on my side, Star would be near my feet (sometimes on my pillow) and Tiger just stays at the hallway.

About 2am, i suddenly woke up finding 2 big eyes staring at me. It’s Star and she displaced my Shrek stuffed toy and found her in his place instead. Oh kitty, how did you manage to get there? Well, Star slept there all night long.


kitty Star

When i woke up this morning, i found Star here. She’s waiting for me to get up so she could have her breakfast. Oh, and i could hear Tiger meowing already and definitely hungry. Unlike Star, Tiger is more vocal. Almost always, kitty Star just communicates by just staring at me.


kitty Star

Oh well, time to feed the fur babies and make myself a cup of coffee.

A typical day for me starts early………

exciting garden finds

While at my garden more than a week ago, i found a nest tucked neatly on the rosal tree.

My rosal tree is just about 5 feet tall and it blooms all year round.


The nest is still empty but i saw mama bird up on the cable wire, still with a strand of grass on her beak, maybe observing me too while i took these photos.

About 3 days after, i decided to visit the nest again, carefully doing it while the mama bird is out. And look what i found! There are now 2 eggs inside the nest. I marvel at how intricately the bird made its nest.




From that day on, i’ve been visiting the nest everyday. Mama bird seldom leaves the nest now and she’s continuously sitting on her eggs.

It’s been raining since this morning and i saw the poor mama bird curled up in the nest, unmindful of the bad weather just to protect her eggs from the pouring rain.

I’m very excited! I couldn’t wait to see these eggs hatch successfully and of course take photos of them.

So, what exciting things have you seen in your own garden today?


Here in my country, gardenia is commonly known as rosal.  I find it really strange that some gardeners find gardenia one of the most difficult plants to manage and grow since it doesn’t want to be underwatered, overwatered, that buds/flowers should not be misted to prevent spotting, and that it needs plenty of light, etc.   For me, it is one of the plants that i really find easy to grow.  If i want to have another gardenia plant, i just cut some older or hardy stems, and just plant or insert the stem into the soil and after quite sometime, new leaves will grow for sure.  Well, maybe the soil in my garden has the right characteristics that they love so i’m quite pleased or maybe i’m a green thumb like my grandfather.

half opened gardenia bud

I love the creamy white flowers of gardenia and it has that distinct powerful sweet scent.  Although i always have a lot of these flowers in bloom everyday, i don’t usually have the cut flowers indoors because my kid doesn’t want its very sweet scent.  He says that he could almost taste the scent.  Surely, just a bunch of those will scent the whole house even up the stairs.

gardenia in full bloom

gardenia in full bloom with its creamy white soft petals

I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.
David Hobson

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