weekly photo challenge: escape

Late last year, i found a nest in my garden and blogged about it here . I managed to visit the nest everyday and took a lot of photos but wasn’t able to make a follow-up entry about it. With Escape as the new theme for this week’s photo challenge, now is the chance to share with you the photo highlights of my exciting garden finds.

Day 1: I found 2 eggs in the nest.


day 1

Day 13, i found out that only 1 egg hatched and i couldn’t find the other egg.


day 13

Day 15, i noticed how remarkable it had grown in just 2 days. I always see mommy bird guarding its baby. When its her time to hunt for food that’s the only time that i could go near the nest to take photos.


day 15

Day 17, the baby bird is now partially covered with tiny feathers. It had grown much bigger with eyes still partially closed.


day 17

Day 20, almost all of its skin is now covered with feathers. It had grown bigger and almost occupying the entire nest.


day 20

Day 22, the whole body is now covered with mature feathers and it’s body is now as big as the nest. It is obviously well-fed, thanks to the devotion of the mommy bird in feeding its young.


day 22

Day 23, i visited the nest again and found it empty.

I’m sure it had learned how to fly and escaped the boundaries of its nest ready to face the world… and the life cycle continues…

For more photos with Escape as theme, visit the Daily Post.

27 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: escape

    • elizz says:

      nice di ba? that’s my first take on wildlife photography.. just got lucky that the nest is located low enough for me to look at it everyday so taking photos of it is not a problem..

  1. arlene says:

    I have a similar blog like this. We found the nest lodged in the branches of our Gardenia shrub, found four eggs. After they were hatched, they lived for about two days then they died.

    • elizz says:

      the nest i found was in the gardenia plant too, it is located quite low that’s why i could manage to view the nest.. it’s sad that the 4 hatchlings that you saw didn’t make it.. i think the 1 i observed made it cause the very last day that i saw it, it was big and its wings and all its feathers are so well-formed.

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