weekly image of life: smile

Smile is often associated with people because it is one of our nicest expressions.  We smile if we thought of something happy, when we meet friends, when we taste our favorite food or dessert, when we receive gifts, etc. But doggies smile too. This post is dedicated to BLONDIE, a very sweet, playful and lovable dog who had the happiest face i’ve ever seen in dogs.

blondie’s smile

I’m lucky to have captured Blondie’s smile. She was so happy, her eyes were sparkling with joy and she was really looking at my camera as i took her photos.

The above photo is one of the last photos i’ve taken of Blondie. She died of an illness during her sleep about a month ago. She’s one of the pets of my parents and of course the family too. I always give her treats whenever i come to visit my parent’s house. She’s there to greet me, wagging her tail and sporting that contagious SMILE. She’s really adorable.

Blondie has crossed the rainbow and in doggie heaven now, free of illness and pain, jumping with joy, running and playing with the other doggies, and yes, flashing her SMILE to everyone. My dear Blondie, we miss you so much.

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12 thoughts on “weekly image of life: smile

  1. len says:

    very nice sis, it really made me cry 😦 😦 😦
    im lucky that i have felt blondie’s unconditional love, but im really sad that when i come back home this december, i will not be able to see blondie’s smile and her wagging tail. she’s so sweet. missing her now and will surely miss her a lot. thanks for sharing her picture, i kept a copy of her happiest smile.

  2. island traveler says:

    Blondie does have the most adorable smile that lights up with joy. A smile we all wish to see after a hard day at work or when things gets gloomy. Beautiful post. Have a blessed day….with lots of happy smiles!

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