tagged X: xyloid

The vivid orange color of the crossandra flower petal looked so attractive and striking against the woody earthy background. I made use of driftwood and it’s xyloid texture provided character and substance on my rather simple photo subject. The soft and creamy bokeh at the right side of the photo made it more visually appealing and pleasant.


crossandra petal

Definition of xyloid: (adj.) (botany) of, relating to, or resembling wood; woody or having woody characteristics. Origin from the Greek word xyl (wood) + oid

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12 thoughts on “tagged X: xyloid

    • elizz says:

      thank you.. kitty Star is doing well and been taking medications to increase her blood platelets count.. tomorrow she will have a recheck and complete blood count and i wish her platelets would be on the normal range now.. i think Emily is not confused about the carpet.. it’s just something new to her and will settle in no time at all.. 🙂 by the way, i love the patterns on your new carpet and it complements your color (red) theme.

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