weekly photo challenge: curves

Walking around my garden, i marvel at the different loops and curves a single tendril could have. Aren’t they pretty?

This one formed so many little loops before curving into a letter C.



How about double loops with each loop curving into more loops for each loop. Oh did i make any sense?



This one has even some web encapsulated by the spirally curves.



And if you’re wondering where these loops and curves came from? They are tendrils from my dazzling and exotic red passion flower plant.


red passion flower

Visit the DailyPost for more Curves photos.

31 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: curves

    • elizz says:

      you’re welcome terri.. and thank you for the nice comment.. well, the passion flower plant needs lots of sunshine and i think it always snows in calgary isn’t it?

      • Terri at Time To Be Inspired says:

        Now now – it might seem like that, but we haven’t had snow for several weeks now! It’s quite lovely. The problem is short growing season and the temperature drops quite a bit each night, so plants that need a lot of heat just don’t do well.

  1. munchow says:

    They are indeed pretty, the tendrils you have captured. And the photographs are beautiful with their lovely colours and strong compositions. Very well done!

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