tagged X: xyloid

The vivid orange color of the crossandra flower petal looked so attractive and striking against the woody earthy background. I made use of driftwood and it’s xyloid texture provided character and substance on my rather simple photo subject. The soft and creamy bokeh at the right side of the photo made it more visually appealing and pleasant.


crossandra petal

Definition of xyloid: (adj.) (botany) of, relating to, or resembling wood; woody or having woody characteristics. Origin from the Greek word xyl (wood) + oid

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weekly photo challenge: in the background

It has been raining almost everyday and it’s a welcome respite from the summer heat. I love the crystal clear raindrops that form on leaves and flowers and i’m sure they are more thankful and happy for the arrival of rain.

While walking around my garden, i noticed this rain-drenched spiderweb on my passion flower plant. The raindrops are like nature’s cooling beads and i love how they sparkle as touched by the sun’s rays.



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cee’s fun foto challenge: the season of spring

With only 2 seasons (dry and wet) in my country, i thought i could not participate in this week’s photo challenge. It is summer and it tends to be really nasty hot but the arrival of some tropical rains brought life and joy to the plants and trees.

Here are some photos i took of flowers and they must have been my flower symbol since they all have stars but i don’t even know its name. Aren’t they pretty?





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UPDATE: The flowers are called MUSSAENDA. Thank you Maria.

cee’s fun foto challenge: texture

It was really hot today and i’ve heard in the news that the temperature rose to 35.2 degrees in the metro. Anyway, i managed to take some photos in the garden. These are photos of a zamia cone.

zamia cone

zamia cone

zamia cone

Zamia is a wonderful indoor/outdoor plant. Instead of flowers, it grows cones with a beautiful texture. It’s actual size is only about 1.5 inches. On close up, its texture looks like a carpet of flowers arranged so close together. So pretty isn’t it?

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cee’s fun foto challenge: lines

Today’s temperature reading is a hot 30 degrees. In the days to come it’s going to go hotter than that.

Last weekend, it rained just a little, sort of just passing through and i managed to capture some photos of my garden as soon as the drizzle stopped. I’m dreaming of a cooler weather so here are my entries for this week’s theme.

It’s exciting and refreshing to see the lines formed by droplets of rain on leaves on a hot and humid day.


avocado tree


avocado tree

Oh by the way, it’s my avocado tree. It has grown so tall since the day we planted it. It’s almost reaching my terrace.

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a word a week photo challenge: garden

In the neatly landscaped garden of Greenbelt Ayala Center Makati stands the biggest Swatch watch. Its length is 24 feet and diameter is 3.5 feet. It was designed by Jaime Zobel de Ayala as a tribute to President Cory Aquino.

swatch watch

plaque of dedication

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tagged F: Is my Feathered Visitor a Flowerpecker?

This morning, i was attracted to an unfamiliar tweeting sounds from my garden. Looking up the tree, i was so excited seeing a beautiful bird, yellow and orange bellied with brownish to grayish feathers and tail. It’s the first time i’ve seen this bird in my garden. I googled lots of photos of Philippine birds to identify my feathered visitor and i think it is a Flowerpecker like this photo i’ve seen from a website. I’m sure some of you are fond of birdwatching too and maybe could help me to positively identify this bird.







Lacking zoom lens, i just cropped the photos and did some photo editing just to highlight the colors of my feathered visitor.

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tagged D: droplets of rain

It rained early in the morning so after having my coffee i grabbed my camera and looked for photo opportunities. I love taking photos of plants with droplets of rain. They add so much texture thus making it a beautiful image to capture.

droplets of rain

Crystal clear, like tears from heaven, the droplets bring so much life and beauty. The little rays of sunshine made every droplets glow and glitter with the reflection of light.

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photo of the day: a leaf

This morning, i walked around my garden hoping to find some good images to capture. I’ve taken photos of some flowers, leaves, roots, and even spider’s web.

This is the photo i want to feature today. Although i like the original looks of the image, I decided to play around with the photo editor and i think i’ve got the best result (my humble opinion). With just my beginner’s luck,  i’ve captured some good bokeh in the background that made the photo more interesting.

(photo taken by Canon EOS and edited using FotoFlexer lomoish effects)

edited photo

original photo

Which one do you like best?

photo/s of the day: pink wildflowers

For a newbie like me, i think flowers are the most easy to photograph. So, while visiting my mother’s garden, i took a few shots of these pink flowers. My mother got this plant from one of her walks. She was so attracted to the lively pink color of the bell-like flowers so she got some stems and planted them in her garden hoping it will grow and bloom. Well, they did and here they are now.

pink flower

pink flowers

pink flowers

pink flowers

Wishing everyone a happy Monday 🙂