my kitty Star is sick, she’s at the hospital and i miss her so badly

Star is at the Animal Doctors Hospital since yesterday because it’s been 3 days that she doesn’t want to eat… Blood results show that her blood platelets is low (anemic)… Kidney test shows normal but upper limit due to some dehydration but will normalize as soon as she could eat and drink more… The first photo was taken at home before going to the hospital. The 2nd and 3rd photos were taken at the hospital today when i visited her. Don’t worry about her posing which looks a bit awkward but it’s her favorite pose as she leans herself on the wall.

She is being given force feeding every 4 hours of energy boosting kitty food and takes about 3 medicines including antibiotics and steroids to normalize her platelet counts and to boost her appetite. She responds to my call, kneads and rubs her chin to my hand and it sure made me happy. I really look funny while smiling but at the same time crying because i miss her.

I really wish she would respond well to the treatment. I couldn’t imagine myself without her and i cry just thinking about her. I love her so dearly.




20130604_141915 - Copy


20130604_141919 - Copy


To all of Star’s furry friends, Star told me she would be fine and looking forward to making a Cat Purrday Friday Post very soon. She said she’ll be bouncing back again and just sick of some teeny-weeny germs.. She’ll be seeing you all very soon.

18 thoughts on “my kitty Star is sick, she’s at the hospital and i miss her so badly

    • elizz says:

      thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers and i’m truly grateful.. she’s at home now and already eating but she has lots of medicines.. i hate to wake her up a bit later because it’s time to give her meds..

    • elizz says:

      thank you so much shala.. she’s at home now and already eating but she has about 3 medications that i need to give her.. thank you for your thoughts and concern and Star and i really appreciate that very much 🙂

  1. Amy says:

    So sorry to hear about your cat, Elizz. Hope she will be better soon. I know how you feel when we had to take care of the illness of out little dog a couple months ago…

    • elizz says:

      thanks amy, i’m happy to inform you that i already took her home today and she’s now eating, but she still has lots of medication that i will continue to give her here at home.. thank you very much for your concern and i really appreciate that 🙂

    • elizz says:

      thank you… she’s home yesterday and i’m so happy.. she made me really worried and i cried a lot.. now that she’s home, all i need to do now is to make sure she’ll get all her meds on time.. not easy to make a cat swallow a pill, haha!

    • elizz says:

      so true.. i was crying endlessly at the pet hospital.. i am so afraid of losing her and i’m so glad that she’s responding well to her meds.. thank you bebs.

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