weekly travel theme: pathway

Here’s one unusual pathway in a park in Shanghai China. It’s not that often that you would find bamboo trees lining up the pathway. Bamboo which is commonly referred to as bamboo trees are not actually trees but they are the largest member of the grass family.




bamboo trees


bamboo trees

Bamboo reminds me of a Philippine Folklore “Malakas and Maganda”. It is a story handed down from generation to generation about the origin of the native Filipinos. The story varies from region to region. Read on if you’re interested to know the story that my “lola” (grandmother) told us.

When ‘Bathala” (God) was done creating the world, he sent down a bird. As it was flying around, it heard a tapping sound coming from the forest. The bird realized that the tapping sound is coming from a giant bamboo. The bird started pecking on it and soon the bamboo split apart and a man came out of it. His name is “Malakas” which means strong. Malakas then told the bird that his mate was in another bamboo and the bird started to peck on it too and splitting it apart. Out came a beautiful woman and her name is “Maganda” which literally means beautiful.

The names “Malakas” and “Maganda” have a deeper meaning about the Filipino culture. The Filipinos consider women to be “maganda” or beautiful and the men as “malakas” or strong whom the family can rely on at all times, the protector of the family especially in times of needs and natural disasters.

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