my e-journal: flowers and leis and dark sky

I picked a lot of flower buds in the garden this morning. I made leis out of them and here they are. Photos are taken at different time intervals hence you will notice the opening of the petals.







Sampaguita is a member of the jasmine flowers family. It is one of the national flowers of the Philippines with Waling-Waling being the other. It is usually made into necklaces and a popular and traditional offering for the newly-graduates, a welcome offering to visitors and flower offering at the altar.

It rained this afternoon and it made me lazy. I feel like i just want to snuggle in the couch and cuddle with my kitty Tiger. Tiger is a cuddle baby, unlike kitty Star whom i could only cuddle when she’s sleepy. Anyway, i welcome the rain and the soothing air it brings. I think the rainy season has started.

As for my leis, i carefully placed them at the altar as offering.


dark sky

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