my blog just turned a year old

A year ago in September, i created this blog as a hobby and as a form of self-expression. But as months went on, i became more and more inspired because i am not only gaining hits on my blog coming from all over the world, but also gaining some wonderful followers and subscribers along the way. My revolver map tells me, i had visits from 109 different countries. The top 5 are (other than my home country): USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Netherlands.

revolver map stats

Thank you dear readers for your comments, they pave the way for some lovely interactions and conversations with all of you fellow bloggers.

During the course of one year, i am delighted to say that i had 3 blog nominations. Thank you HolisticMe for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you Catpurrology for the Blog on Fire Award. These mean a lot to me, and i am so deeply honored.

awards and nominations

I had the greatest gift on September 2, 2012 which is my actual blog anniversary date. During that day, i had the most number of views on my blog. I only had an average of 20-30 visits per day but during that day, it was 88. I know that the number is relatively small as compared to other popular blogs’ hits, but i must admit that it really made me proud so i gave myself a well-deserved pat in the back.


Thank you islandtraveler for being my number 1 commenter. I am so grateful for your visits and comments. And i must say (again) that yours is a very inspiring blog.

My most liked post is Sunday Post: Reflection which garnered 27 likes as of today. Thank you jakesprinter for providing a theme for creative inspiration. It also earned a lot of good comments like perfect, fun, radiant, pretty, awesome, great, beautiful, interesting and unusual. Wow, sure likes a lot of adjectives in there for 1 simple photograph.

Sunday Post: Reflection. This is my most liked post.

Today, i am making a little change in my blog. My site title used to be Life’s Journey and More… and my tagline is My SweetPaintedDreams. I interchanged it and from now on my Blog Title is My SweetPaintedDreams and my tagline would now be Life’s Journey and More…

Looking forward to more fruitful blogging years ahead.

Thank you all for the inspiration.

10 thoughts on “my blog just turned a year old

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    Happy birthday…be proud and don’t get caught up in the numbers…it is all about being you, enjoying this and bringing something to those that do pop in for a visit

  2. kap10bob says:

    Congrats & Mabuhay! 🙂
    I can’t make out your name from your signature so I’ll probably just call you “starlight” for now. You have an awesome blog and I am your newest follower. Cheers! – with best regards, Captain Bob

    • starlight says:

      thank you, been following yours for quite a while now cause i love your photos.. you know i’ve been telling my husband to take photos whenever he’s at sea but he’s quite ‘tamad’ about it.. sayang pa naman the opportunity of the many places that he has been into.. hoping to see more of your photos..

      • kap10bob says:

        so your hubby is also a seafarer? i’ve been working at sea for ages but i only took photography as a hobby less than a year ago. i wish i started earlier…
        tell him to follow my blog to lure him into photography somehow 🙂

      • starlight says:

        yes, he is.. he’s scheduled to leave maybe before the end of this month and this time i will really urge him to take more photos.. i think the only time he had taken lots of photos was during the time when i joined him on board.. i really wish i could lure him into photography because it is really a nice hobby.. ako naman, i’m just a newbie but i do try hard to take nice photos.. oh by the way, i like your header image, i’m sure you’re the one who photographed it, nice vessel.

      • kap10bob says:

        Tell him bon voyage from me. I’m also leaving in a couple of days out to venture in South America. Yeah, that header photo is one of the VLCC I sailed on. I took the shot from the mian deck. Cheers to you my frined and best regards to your family.

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