kani salad

Amongst all salads, kani (means crab in japanese) salad is one of my all time favorite.  It is easy to prepare and inexpensive too.  Ingredients are also easy to find at the grocery.  Here’s my very own version of KANI SALAD.


  • cucumber
  • crabsticks
  • mango
  • mayonnaise (or japanese mayonnaise)
  • tobiko (orange colored flying fish roe)

Just cut your cucumber julienne type, shred crabsticks, top with diced or strips of mango, and add mayonnaise, mix it all together and that’s it, so easy to do.  You may also top it with tobiko but its optional since tobiko is very expensive.  I love the color of the tobiko, its bright orange color makes it a very attractive garnish for the salad.


I love my new found kitchen tool the julienne peeler.  It makes salad preparation very easy.  I think every kitchen should have this tool.

kani salad

Other suggested variations in preparing this salad is adding any of the following ingredients.

  • lettuce
  • crabmeat
  • shrimp
  • lobster meat

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