blue rose

There are meanings behind the color of roses.  If for example, you received a red rose, it represents love and beauty.  Pink is for happiness and admiration.  Orange is for desire.  White is for purity.

my blue rose – a happy anniversary gift from hubby

I’ve always been a fan of blue roses.  For one, they are not only very regal to look at but also its color is so unique.  Blue roses are made by dyeing white roses with blue dye.  And as i searched over the net, i found out that they symbolize youth, the impossible, and the unattainable.  They are also believed to be able to grant wishes.  Looking back, i guess it worked for me.  Here’s my story.

Years ago, on my way home, i saw a flower vendor hopping from one car to another selling his flowers.  In my mind, i told myself that whoever gives me a blue rose, he will be the one whom i would share my life with forever.  Of course i said that with a big sigh because during that time, i was still nursing my broken heart.  Fast forward, many years after.. surprisingly, i actually did receive a blue rose.

I guess i was just wishing for something then without actually thinking and seriously, i have totally forgotten about it.  I think it was just a spur of the moment wish because i don’t think anyone or anybody would ever think about giving me a blue rose and i never told it to anyone.  The only time that i thought about that wish again was on that moment that i actually received a blue rose.

Wishes do come true and yes, i am happily married to the person who gave me that BLUE ROSE.

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