travel theme: new

Posting a photo a day is something NEW to me and a new challenge for 2013.

I need to warn you though that i am not a good photographer but i will try my best to post good if not better photos. Oh dear me, can i really do this on a daily basis? Wish me luck! Thank you Alastair for your motivation 🙂

What a better way to practice taking photos but right in my own backyard.

My PHOTO OF THE DAY: pretty little flowers.



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Now thinking of what to post tomorrow..

It’s the third day of the year and i hope everyone is really having a good start.

travel theme: circles

Sharing with you the biggest circle that i’ve ever seen, The MOA (Mall of Asia) Eye which stands at 55 meters.



The MOA Eye is favorably located along the stretch of the bay amusement park at The Mall of Asia. It is the biggest and tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines. It features a 36 six-seater air-conditioned gondolas that boasts a clear and picturesque 360 degree panoramic view of the Mall of Asia, Pasay City and its surroundings and of course the famed Manila Bay sunset.

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travel theme: soft

My breakfast for today and one of my favorite comfort foods is soy yoghurt or soybean curd pudding but most popularly known as “taho” which is a popular street food in the Philippines. It is served hot, usually in the morning, peddled by the “magtataho” or taho vendor.

Taho is made of fresh melt-in-your-mouth soft silken tofu with brown sugar syrup and “sago pearls” which are very similar to tapioca pearls. Every mouthful is such a delight giving me so much pleasure and sweetness to start the day with.

a small cup of taho is P5.00 (about $0.12) or P10.00 (about $0.25) like the one in the photo



Nowadays, this favorite Filipino delicacy is already available at the mall with lots of flavor ranging from strawberry, chocolate, mocha, etc. But nothing beats the original flavor of taho that i grew up with.

I’m happy, i’m full, and i am ready for the day. How about you, what’s your favorite breakfast meal or comfort food?

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. – John Gunther

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travel theme: spooky

Yesterday, i headed out to the mall to do a little shopping. There was a long queue of children in halloween costume and adults alike at the customer service area to claim their goodie baskets for the mall trick or treat event.

Before going home, i thought of visiting the activity center to see and take photos of the christmas trees and decorations. There was a big stage set up which was used for the Trick or Treat mall program and i noticed how simply it was decorated. The stage has only a black background with the mall’s logo and some drawings of bats flying around. Anyway, i just thought of taking a photo of the stage because i think the bat drawings look funny rather than scary.

When i got home, i saved all the photos on my laptop and i was so surprised that when i opened the photo i took of the stage, it looks like this.

I didn’t know that I managed to capture the full moon and the silhouette of the tree branches at the background. Full moon, dark, silhouette of tree branches, all the characteristics of being spooky.

halloween masks

I also stopped by to take photos of these awesome halloween masks. My favorite is the witch. Which one is yours?

Happy Halloween to all! Booooo….

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I changed my live signature.. full name is too formal, nickname is far much better.

travel theme: on display

When i visited the newly opened Cafe Mary Grace at the mall, i couldn’t help but notice the beautiful and gorgeous chandeliers adorning their ceiling.

The glass stained windows added texture and drama to the place exuding the feeling of warmth and coziness. I love the place. Oh by the way, they serve delicious food and offers the best cheese rolls in town.

Look up and view the ceilings. Who knows, there might be lots of dazzling adornments on display up there which are just waiting to be admired and photographed.

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travel theme: animals

World Animal Day is celebrated each year every October 4th. It was first organized in Florence Italy by ecologists and the date was chosen because it is the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi the patron saint of all animals. However, these days it is celebrated by all animal lovers around the world regardless of background, nationality and beliefs.

This week’s travel theme by Ailsa of wheresmybackpack is Animals, in honor of World Animal Day. Animals are amazing creatures that live and co-exist among humans, as such they truly deserve to be given this much honor and respect.

Here’s my contribution for this week’s travel theme.




the sealion posing for the camera

Photos taken by hubby during one of his travels.

My favorite quote about animals:

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. 
Mahatma Gandhi