weekly photo challenge: abstract

This week’s photo challenge is about taking a photo of something familiar and turn it into something else.


With a little photo editing this is how it looked like. Although it still looks like something familiar but it may or may not look like what it really is depending upon our own interpretation.


Abstract as a form of art refers to those that doesn’t have no trace of anything recognizable thus making the viewer interpret it in their own ways as to what it really means. It takes an imaginative mind to be able to translate something unreadable into something beautiful.

Love is good example of an abstract concept. It doesn’t have any physical existence but it exists in our thoughts. However, love exists if we believe it exists. Like a form of an abstract art, love could have a lot of interpretations and be differently understood.


weekly photo challenge: dialogue

“For this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other?” – The Daily Post

Star: What do you mean it’s the new menu? No tuna? No salmon? No chicken? Those are just for dogs not cats!


(no offense to my doggies… you love chewing on my slippers when you were pups, right?.)

The real story behind the above photos: I took a photo of Star just at that moment as she was about to yawn. And the other photo was a store window display. I thought they did a nice job in catching the eyes of mall goers. They showcased their new released items as New Menu served on colorful platters and i find it rather unique and original.

weekly photo challenge: fray

Broken-down, worn out,  grungy, faded, dingy, dilapidated .. they all describe these old armchairs from a public elementary school.




a pile of armchairs

It is just so sad that children had to endure using these chairs in school for many years. But, on a brighter note the reason why these are all piled up is because the public elementary school was renovated and those ugly chairs are now replaced by brand new ones.

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weekly photo challenge: silhouette

I usually take a short nap in the afternoon if time permits. As always, Tiger comes rushing at the sofa to be with me. I play with him as i watch tv before i sleep and almost always he got to fall asleep first before me.

Tiger's silhouette

Tiger’s silhouette

Above photo was taken without a flash thus resulting to a silhouette photo. It was just accidental that at that moment in time while i clicked the camera, a 100% image popped up on the tv screen and it gave the photo some bit of a character. (I think it was an ad about internet service.)

Did you notice Tiger’s tipped ear? Yes, he’s already neutered when i adopted him from the shelter two years ago.

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weekly photo challenge: texture

As i tried to clean up the mess that the typhoon made to my garden, i found lots and lots of skeletonized leaves on the grass. I collected some and thought that they are so good to be photographed…  these are textures made by nature.

skeletonized leaves

skeletonized leaves

weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

How to celebrate summer in a colorful and fashionable way? Grab one of these handpainted fans to beat the summer heat.





weekly photo challenge: carefree

Little plants growing so carefree beneath the flower pot..


carefree tiny plants

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weekly photo challenge: up

mt. fuji

(Photo credits: photo taken by hubby during their vessel’s stay at Shimizu Port Japan)

Shimizu Port is famous for being one of the most scenic ports in Japan because of nearby Mt. Fuji. The majestic Mt. Fuji is located just 22 miles away from the port. It is a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1708.

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weekly photo challenge: a day in my life

A typical day for me starts early. Waking up late makes my head ache. Breakfast, chores and more chores follow soon after and i don’t want to bore you talking about them.

Some free time gives me the chance to visit my garden and finding flower buds ready to bloom and some have opened up to reveal their sweet scent. Here are some of them, photos taken at different times of the day.

I had some cheese curls for snacks. I know it isn’t a healthy snack but got to give in to my cravings for now.


cheese curls

I also sliced a lemon to make a refreshing iced lemon water. Well, it’s different from a lemonade. I just put some slices of lemon in plain cold water, no sugar added please. Ahh, so good! They say that lemon in water has medicinal benefits as it helps in cleansing the body and aids in digestion.



I usually retire at 10pm and when i go up the stairs towards my room, it’s like i’m the Mother Hen with my girl Kristina, my princess Star, and my adorable handsome adopted kitty Tiger following me. They all sleep with me in the room. Kristina on my side, Star would be near my feet (sometimes on my pillow) and Tiger just stays at the hallway.

About 2am, i suddenly woke up finding 2 big eyes staring at me. It’s Star and she displaced my Shrek stuffed toy and found her in his place instead. Oh kitty, how did you manage to get there? Well, Star slept there all night long.


kitty Star

When i woke up this morning, i found Star here. She’s waiting for me to get up so she could have her breakfast. Oh, and i could hear Tiger meowing already and definitely hungry. Unlike Star, Tiger is more vocal. Almost always, kitty Star just communicates by just staring at me.


kitty Star

Oh well, time to feed the fur babies and make myself a cup of coffee.

A typical day for me starts early………

weekly photo challenge: lunchtime

Lunch for today:


grilled porkchops with steamed multigrain brown rice and fresh lettuce salad

Steamed multigrain brown rice. It is healthier than ordinary white rice. It has a little nutty flavor and nice chewy texture. For my plating, i served 2 mini scoops of rice per plate.

Grilled Porkchops. I just sprinkled some herbs like rosemary, basil and salt and pepper to taste. Grilled it perfectly and served about 2 porkchops per plate.

Side salad. The ingredients are fresh lettuce leaves and sweet orange slices. I made a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with just a pinch of salt. I sprinkled some pomegranate to add color and zest to the salad.

Lunch is served… Dig in.