cheery and bright

Colorful, vibrant and cheery lantana flowers that lined the side walk are for the eyes to FEAST on. As i begin to photograph them a happy butterfly is as enthusiastic as me as it began to fly from one flower to another. It also feasted on their sweetness feeding on nectar.


The butterfly is so elusive as i try to take some photos. And almost missed it.


Yey, gotcha.. i almost missed again.


Oops, it flew… it’s almost out of range.


And finally, the butterfly is in the range and i guess this is the best shot.


I looked so silly hopping from one flower to another just to take some photos but it’s fun.

Happy Wednesday! And to add brightness to your day, here’s Ashton my laptop buddy for today showing off his whiskers and his itty-bitty tongue. Please enjoy!


a word a week photo challenge: vibrant


“TOYS” for the big boys in vibrant colors, make and models.


customized cars… toys for the big boys

How would you like to drive a purple Honda FP model with custom Lambo Doors, custom wide body kit and custom paint?


honda FP

Or pick a neon green Honda City with custom Gull Wing doors, custom wide body kits and custom paint…


honda city

Or choose a golden Mitsubishi Galant with custom body kits and custom body paint…


mitsubishi galant

Or desire for a blue Hyundai Genesis Coupe with custom wide body kits and custom paint…


hyundai genesis coupe

Driving in any one of these extraordinary customized cars would surely make heads-a-turning.

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tagged V: vibrant

Vibrant means bright, vivid, brilliant, intense, glowing, rich, colorful, sparkling, alive.

As some of you know, my kitty Star was hospitalized recently due to anemia. She was there for 2 days and 2 nights. Now that she’s home and doing well and her appetite is back to normal, i am happy. The happiness that i’m feeling now is as VIBRANT as the colors of these flowers.


vibrant colored flowers


vibrant colored flowers

Aren’t these flowers gorgeous? In case you know the name of the flower, please let me know. Thanks.

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UPDATE: The flower in the photo is Lantana Camara (Wild-Type Spanish Flag) and the leaves are poisonous to animals. Thank you to anotherdayinparadise for the information about the flowers’ name. Thank you also to Ed of thoughtsfromtheroad for emailing me the flower’s name too.

cee’s fun foto challenge: color of my choice is PINK

Pink is one of my favorite colors. It is the universal color of love and beauty. Homes decorated with pink flowers provide the aura of calmness and relaxation.

For this photo challenge, i’ve chosen this bi-colored white and pink carnation. It has white petals with soft pink edges that resemble a beautiful lace pattern. At first glance, it doesn’t look real but the flower is really fresh and vibrant.



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Happy weekend everyone!