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Port Alberni is located in the province of British Columbia in Canada. One of its attractions is the Harbour Quay which is a waterfront collection of boutiques, eateries, public sculptures and parks. It is also a popular sightseeing spot with great views of marine life.


harbour quay port alberni

The Maritime Discovery Centre can also be found here. It is a maritime museum constructed from a real lighthouse which displays the marine history of the valley.


maritime discovery center

Also on display is The Banfield. It served valiantly from 1951 to 1969. She is a wooden-hulled, diesel powered surf boat, able to right herself in heavy seas with a keel containing 1800 pounds of bronze.

banfield lifeboat2

banfield lifeboat

Here’s a photo of the famous Clock Tower at the Harbor Quay. It features a gallery that offers a wide array of artworks that you can buy.

clock tower gallery2

the clock tower gallery

Hubby says that one of the highlights of walking around the quay was eating the best fish and chips at Turtle Island.


turtle island fish and chips


fish and chips

This is Star Evviva, hubby’s vessel at Port Alberni. They loaded 6,000 tons of high quality lumber bound to Port of Tokyo Japan. As you would notice in the photo, the Maritime Museum Lighthouse could be seen at the background.


Star Evviva (hubby’s vessel) loading lumber in Port Alberni

Here’s a photo of lumber that was loaded in the vessel.

lumbers for tokyo2


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tagged I: ice, ice and lots of ice

Keeping up with the story/photo challenges, here’s my entry to Frizz’s Tagged I: ICE.

As i’ve mentioned in my About page, hubby works as a senior marine officer in one of the biggest shipping companies whose office is based in Norway. Since his job takes him to almost all parts of the globe, i urged him to make photo taking as a hobby. During their voyage to China, the ship’s deck is literally frozen and covered with ice. Sharing with you these photos.


ice formation


ice formation


ice formation

Finally, here’s my entry to 7th RPC Photo Competition. I’ve chosen this photo because it has the complete elements of water (the sea, the ice, and the clouds) which is the theme of the photo competition. If you like the photo which i titled THE SHIP IS FROZEN, hope you’ll CLICK HERE to LIKE/VOTE. Lots of thanks!



Photo credits: all photos of the vessel taken by hubby at sea enroute to Dagang China. Photo edits by yours truly.

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