sunday post: people

The sound of a helicopter flying above us was deafening.  But it was a sound that everybody has been anxiously waiting for. Everyone was in a festive mood, lovers in tight embraces, kissing and holding hands while witnessing the event. It was Valentine’s Day!

With the camera in my hand, i looked up and it’s happening now, a shower of rose petals… it was magical, exciting and fun. All of us cheered so loudly. The wind blew the rose petals scattering them around the plaza and everyone scampered to collect them as they fall to the ground.

rose petals

rose petals

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photo of the week: hearts

Photo of the Week:  Hearts of all Shapes and Sizes



valentine cards

My kids used to give me valentine cards when they were small.  Now that the kids are into their teens, it’s the more that i treasure these lovely things because they sure give me lots of wonderful memories and that i am the favorite recipient of their masterpieces.

Hey kids, you don’t give me valentine cards anymore.