sunday post: favorite spot

My favorite spot is… the white sand beach of Boracay.






My first trip to Boracay was during the 80’s. Having worked in an airline company, we’ve known about the island from the more adventurous friends of the mountaineering club. Boracay was virginal, exotic and serene. During that time, the only accommodation in the island were a few bahay-kubo or the nipa huts. Our bed is made of bamboo but we had clean and crispy bedsheets. There is no electricity as such only generators run the water pumps so we had enough supply of water especially in the bathroom. The sand is much more pristine that it glows and it is quite difficult to stare at it with naked eyes.

As the sun sets in, the caretaker will round all the huts and giving each one kerosene lamps for the night. We only hear the waves as we sleep. We buy our food which are freshly catched fishes from the local fishermen. The caretaker were gracious enough to cook the food for us for a small fee. There are no roads, instead only trails and pathways. We managed to take a hike in the island from end to end with just the locals as our guides. They are very hospitable and friendly. There are no jeepneys, no tricycles and no cars. Visitors in the island were mostly Europeans and at that time, we were the only Filipinos. Our playmates are the children of the locals as we frolic in the beach.

Fast forward… today, Boracay is crowded with tourists. There is a mall, ATM machines, electricity, hotels, resorts, roads, cars, jeepneys, tricycles, and internet cafe shops.

I am lucky enough to have experienced the beauty and serenity of Boracay when it was still an unknown island.

food trip @chili’s

Food always plays an important part in our family bonding moments. Whether we dine out or just having home-cooked meals, weekends are always something to look forward to. Now that hubby is here, we always see to it that we spend quality time as much as possible since in 3 month’s time, he’ll be leaving to work overseas again. Just recently, we visited Chili’sGrill Bar and Restaurant upon the request of the kids. It was lunchtime and the place was so jampacked. Actually, we’re number 5 on queue to be seated but the wait was so worth it and here’s why.


chili’s tabletop tile mosaic

I couldn’t help but notice the tabletop design. The color is as red as a chili and it totally complements the happy ambiance of the restaurant.

chili’s triple play P495.00 (about $11.78)

We ordered Triple Play for starters.

chili’s country fried steak P510.00 (about $12.14)

Since i’ve been craving for some mashed potato for quite sometime, i’ve chosen the Country Fried Steak. The serving is generous, i was full to the brim.

chili’s guiltless grill salmon P595.00 (about $14.16)

Hubby ordered the Grilled Salmon. Vegetable side dish is cooked perfectly. I love the smokiness of the salmon. It’s nice that it was cooked very simply to bring out its rich flavor.

chili’s chicken crispers P300.00 (about $7.14)

For the love of chicken, my daughter ordered the Chicken Crispers. With corn and fries on the side, she really enjoyed this meal.

chili’s grilled baby back ribs P595.00 (about $14.16)

The grilled baby back ribs was fork tender, and there was a large serving of corn and fries on the side.

chili’s fajita trio P660.00 (about $15.71)

Among all the dishes we ordered, my son enjoyed the fajita trio. It was served together with the fajita wraps and condiments and it was fun putting all the ingredients together, and then slowly rolling the wrap to make your own fajita roll.

fajita condiments

fajita wraps

fajita roll

This is just the first of the series of post about our food trip. As for my overall review, well in terms of food and ambiance, i would say its excellent but be very prepared as the bill might be tight on your budget.

Next food trip …


There’s an event going on at the mall today and it’s all about GLAMPING. The kids are treated to nature discovery and wildlife appreciation thru various activities like animals and the arts, book reading and video showing, and jungle survival training. Actually, what attracted me to that event are the huge safari animals on display that i didn’t even bother to take photos of tents with comfortable and luxurious amenities.

Anyway, seeing these large stuffed toys made me feel so excited like a kid. If only i could ride on them.


“GLAMPING (glamorous camping) is a growing global phenomenon that combines camping with the luxury and amenities of a home or hotel.  Also called boutique camping, luxury camping, posh camping or comfy camping.  Glamping allows travellers to experience nature without the hassle of finding camp space, carrying their tents, and erecting and taking down their own tents.

Glamping is fast becoming a trend in the Philippines.  Currently, there is glamping already in Sumilon Island, Cebu; Pamilacan Island, Bohol; El Nido, Palawan.  The Department of Tourism is also eyeing Cordillera and Mt. Apo as emerging glamping sites.”

safari animals

safari animals


a herd of elephants

gorilla with a funny looking face

safari animals