weekly photo challenge: foreign

While on vacation in Ulsan South Korea, the very first places that i visited are what else… the malls. I’ve been to Lotte Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, New Core Outlet, E-Mart, and Home Plus.

As a foreigner, eating at the food court at Home Plus was one pretty interesting experience. As soon as you enter, you will see these glass covered display of sets of food. Each one has its own corresponding number tag and price. Ordering a set menu is a breeze, tell the cashier the tag number of the food you’ve chosen and pay the amount and she will then give you a number stub. Due to language differences, sometimes it is better to write down the number on a piece of paper and hand it over to the cashier since she will understand you more.

The food on display looks so real but they are just made of plastic. Awesome!

As soon as your number is being flashed at the electronic display board you may now claim your food at that particular counter.

the electronic display boards are located just above the side of the food counters.

Stainless chopsticks, drinking glass, fork and spoon which are properly sanitized are stored in a stainless steel cabinet located at the center of the food court. Nope, soda or other drinks are not available but for every order of set meal, there’s a free small bottle of Yakult and an unlimited supply of drinking water at the dispenser.

Our food not only looks beautiful but also taste so good as well.

Their motto here is “CLEAN AS YOU GO”. No problem though because there’s a chute for chopsticks, glasses, etc. Overall, i think i like their “self-service” system. By the way, when you go to the coffee shops either at Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or at any other fast food joints, you should really “CLEAN AS YOU GO”. Oh well, how i wish it would be the same here back home.

Seated Yeorae Image Carved on a Rock

the mountain-side at eomul-dong, ulsan south korea

bright-colored lanterns adorning the mountain-side

and here's a photo of the seated yeorae image (look closely at the rock)

Visiting the Seated Yeorae Image carved on rock surface in Eomul-dong was one of the stops during our Ulsan City Tour in South Korea.  Since this place is located at the higher part of the mountain side, be ready to climb the stairs leading to the seated Yeorae.  The lanterns adorning the side of the mountain are so colorful, swaying gently as the cool wind blows.