travel theme: bridges

My internet connection has been intermittent for the past several days so i haven’t posted in a while and i’m so late with the photo challenges.

Here’s my entry for this week’s travel theme by Ailsa


This bridge really shakes when you walk over it and my kids are all laughing at me when i try to cross it but it was fun.

travel theme: mountains

Once in a while, we ought to find some time to unwind, relax and just exhale. Leaving the city life and going on a road trip out of town may be the best option to just enjoy the view, feel that freedom and recharge ourselves.

As we head out of town in one of our road trips, i took some photographs of the road that cut through mountains. Sometimes in the name of modernization, alterations on nature is inevitable to make way for smooth roads and highways that would be beneficial to all.



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travel theme: shadows

A sundial is an instrument that indicates the time of day by means of the position, on a graduated plate or surface, of the shadow of the gnomon as it is cast by the sun. A gnomon is the raised part of a sundial that casts the shadow. (Definitions taken from

Here’s a photo of the Angbuilgu Sundial taken at Deoksugung Palace, South Korea.

angbuilgu sundial

angbuilgu sundial

“Angbuilgu is a sundial that was used during the Joseon era. The name Angbuilgu means upward-looking kettle that catches the shadow of the sun.

The thirteen horizontal lines mark the 24 periods of seasonal change from the winter solstice to the summer solstice and allow the season of the year to be determined. The vertical lines are time lines. The device is aligned to face the North Star, and it is marked with pictures of animals, rather than letters, for the sake of the common people who could not read.

It was first made in 1434, but the present Angbuilgu was created in the latter half of the 17th century.
Size: 35.2 centimeters in diameter, 14 centimeters high.”

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travel theme: animals

World Animal Day is celebrated each year every October 4th. It was first organized in Florence Italy by ecologists and the date was chosen because it is the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi the patron saint of all animals. However, these days it is celebrated by all animal lovers around the world regardless of background, nationality and beliefs.

This week’s travel theme by Ailsa of wheresmybackpack is Animals, in honor of World Animal Day. Animals are amazing creatures that live and co-exist among humans, as such they truly deserve to be given this much honor and respect.

Here’s my contribution for this week’s travel theme.




the sealion posing for the camera

Photos taken by hubby during one of his travels.

My favorite quote about animals:

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. 
Mahatma Gandhi

sunday post: favorite spot

My favorite spot is… the white sand beach of Boracay.






My first trip to Boracay was during the 80’s. Having worked in an airline company, we’ve known about the island from the more adventurous friends of the mountaineering club. Boracay was virginal, exotic and serene. During that time, the only accommodation in the island were a few bahay-kubo or the nipa huts. Our bed is made of bamboo but we had clean and crispy bedsheets. There is no electricity as such only generators run the water pumps so we had enough supply of water especially in the bathroom. The sand is much more pristine that it glows and it is quite difficult to stare at it with naked eyes.

As the sun sets in, the caretaker will round all the huts and giving each one kerosene lamps for the night. We only hear the waves as we sleep. We buy our food which are freshly catched fishes from the local fishermen. The caretaker were gracious enough to cook the food for us for a small fee. There are no roads, instead only trails and pathways. We managed to take a hike in the island from end to end with just the locals as our guides. They are very hospitable and friendly. There are no jeepneys, no tricycles and no cars. Visitors in the island were mostly Europeans and at that time, we were the only Filipinos. Our playmates are the children of the locals as we frolic in the beach.

Fast forward… today, Boracay is crowded with tourists. There is a mall, ATM machines, electricity, hotels, resorts, roads, cars, jeepneys, tricycles, and internet cafe shops.

I am lucky enough to have experienced the beauty and serenity of Boracay when it was still an unknown island.

travel theme: foliage

Leaves form a majestic silhouette across the sky as the sun sets in. I randomly took these photos last week as i was spending my afternoon at the coffee shop. I just thought they are beautiful and relaxing as the leaves gently swayed everytime the wind blows. It was a lovely afternoon and i’m glad i captured the moment.





Hope you enjoyed my entry for this week’s travel’s theme,  by Ailsa of wheresmybackpack.

Have a great weekend!

travel theme: white

Here’s my contribution to this week’s travel’s theme by Ailsa of wheresmybackpack in honor of the International Day of Peace.

beach at cebu shangrila hotel

Lovely white parasols line up the beach at Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa or most commonly known as the Cebu Shangri-la Hotel. The photo was taken years ago when i attended the senior officers’ conference of the shipping company where my husband is employed. The water is so clear and calm that i could see the fish swimming around my feet. The place is magnificent yet very serene.