travel theme: poetry

I am not really good in writing poems. I have made a few but creating one depends on my mood. When i’ve learned that this week’s travel theme is all about POETRY, i tried composing one last night and surprisingly, the words just kept flowing even if i need to think about words that start with a specific letter.


Somewhere in my mind
Perfumed by spring
Accented by magical hues
Never stopping
They glide
Empowered by wings
Dashing display of thoughts
Daintily covered by lace
Radiating its colored images
Enduring all
And yet still be tranquil
My rainbow, my hopes

In our lives we stumble and we fall but dreams are there to guide us through. We face a lot of challenges, sometimes feel pain and sufferings but for as long as we are living there is hope. There is hope that we could find happiness and that there is sunshine after the rain. I believe in my sweet painted dreams.


Ashton so sound asleep, dreaming of sweetpaintedtreats

extremely dazzling

There’s no better way to describe Star’s eyes but DAZZLING … extremely dazzling.


I got Star from a breeder. Yes i know, i am guilty of pet shopping. It is because of my dream of having an all white long-haired oddeyed cat. Dream fulfilled, i then visited a shelter so i could adopt a playmate for her. I wanted to do my part to open my home to a rescued cat and i went home with Tiger, a neutered domestic short hair ginger local cat.  Just a short background about Tiger… he is one of the 7 litter of kitties in a sack dumped at the shelter.

I thought i would only have 2 cats. Oh how wrong i was. My family of cats expanded as i took in more rescues and even a foster. I also have a family of outside cats that i regularly feed and take care of.

Yesterday, i heard a pitiful cry of a kitten. I knew that it belonged to a neighbor who has been feeding the mama cat. Good thing that when i woke up this morning i am not hearing any kitty crying. It always breaks my heart whenever i see helpless kitties. If only i have the means, money and the time i would scoop up all the strays in the neighborhood for spaying and neutering. Sadly, spaying and neutering is not the popular option and it seems like nobody cares. My son told me the other day that i am the only person that he knew in the neighborhood who has outside cats that are spayed. But of course i wouldn’t want my 6 outside cats to multiply as it takes time, effort and money to feed and care for them.


I used to have 8 outside cats, one became an indoor cat and the other one hasn’t come home for about 3 months now. He always comes home during feeding time and sometimes he even stays longer as i see him taking a nap at the terrace. I still think about that cat all the time. But during one visit to the vet it made me realized that he wouldn’t be coming home ever because the vet told me that he is having a hard time convincing the homeowners association to have a TNR in their village which is just adjacent to ours. What the association did was they hauled all the strays and brought them to the pound. I remembered my one outside cat who hasn’t come home and maybe he was one of those that has been caught. He always comes home and never been absent every feeding time. The chances of seeing him again is dim. I know that strays brought at the pound will not have a chance on life. I still miss that sweet cat that i named Linggit.


travel theme: edge

Living a busy life. we experience being worried, get tensed and be anxious. Sometimes we tend to be living on EDGE… being distraught or deeply upset over some things that did not turn out right according to plans. Some of these are inevitable. But… a good and simple relaxation may do wonders. I need not go to a luxurious and expensive spa to get relaxed. I have my own easy ways to feel better.

  • taking deep breaths –  i close my eyes and do deep breaths slowly in or out. Believe me, this works.
  • finding something to distract myself – i sit down on the sofa, turn on tv and watch my favorite Lifestyle tv programs.
  • stroking my kitty’s coat – this really works because as i hear my cat purr it also gives me that certain contentment and happiness. It has been proven that animals really do have calming effects and they help us fight depression, loneliness and anxiety.
  • getting my camera and taking photos – i need not go far, i just visit my garden and take lots of photos of flowers in bloom. This really soothes my nerves.

I took these photos this morning. Almost all my cattleya orchids are now flowering. I love the shiny drops of rain hanging on the delicate and curly EDGE of the petals. I feel good by just looking at them.


cattleya orchid


cattleya orchid

Some may have their own ways of battling stress and it sure would help a lot if you find time to “stop and smell the roses”.

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travel theme: orange

Maki is one of those that tops my list when ordering at Japanese restaurants.


california maki or california roll

I just love those little bright orange fish roe covering the roll. It tastes a bit crunchy and salty sweet.

It is not often i see it in supermarkets and when i do i usually prepare mango kani (crab) salad which is my daughter’s favorite. You could find my recipe here. Well, it can do without it, but i still think it looks beautiful with a sprinkle of those bright orange roe.

kani salad

kani salad

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travel theme: big

I searched my archives for “BIG” photos and found mountains, roads, buildings, houses, trees and others. I’m sure that a lot of fellow bloggers would be posting about that so i decided a different approach in interpreting the travel theme challenge.

My “BIG” interpretation would be BIG APPETITE. Well, it has been raining non-stop since yesterday and i’m always being roused from my sleep last night because of the sound of the rain. The coolness of the weather makes me want to just stay in bed a little longer but i have hungry mouths to feed and some more mommy chores to do.

Today, i prepared these for lunch.


mango kani salad

This salad is a favorite and it’s called the Mango Kani Salad. Kani means crab in Japanese. It only consists of shredded crabsticks, julienned cucumbers and mango. I will be adding kewpie or Japanese mayonnaise to serve. Yum!

For main course, i cooked my own version of Afritada which is ribs cooked in tomato sauce with carrots, potatoes and bell peppers. I just added some sugar to even out the sourness of tomato sauce. The kids love this dish.



I’m sure these could really satisfy their BIG APPETITE.

Hey kids! it’s lunchtime!

Happy Monday to all.

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weekly travel theme: wild

No need to look that far for a “wild” photo. Here’s a photo of some pink wildflowers growing in my backyard.

pink wildflowers

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travel theme: contrast

I think the red berries on a bunch of blue flowers is really contrasting. I wonder if the florist included them by mistake or maybe it’s really a part of the flower arrangement.



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travel theme: pale

During a recent visit to my daughter’s ortho-dentist for her monthly brace adjustment, i was surprised to see an addition of a big salt water aquarium inside the clinic. I think it is a brilliant idea as it gives a relaxing and calming effects on patients especially children patients who are anxiously and nervously waiting for their turns.

It was so exciting to watch all the colorful fishes and i took a lot of photos. There is also a giant clam which we call ‘taklobo’ in our language, lots of sea anemones and corals. But for this challenge, i will share with you some photos of a clown fish swimming happily on a pale-colored cluster of anemones. Enjoy!

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

a cluster of se anemones

a cluster of se anemones

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

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travel theme: time

My routine every morning starts at 6:30am, make myself a good cup of coffee, prepare the kids lunchbox for school and feed my fur babies.

My early morning “vocalization” begins at 7:30am when i need to wake my youngest son up. I don’t know why the noisy alarm clock couldn”t move him a bit.


alarm clocks

Enter mommy… i yell at him, push him, shake him from side to side, shout to no avail.  He’s aware that i could only do the wake up call three times. It’s not easy to go up and down the stairs just to get to his room to wake him up. If he still wanted to sleep and doesn’t wake up at all after the third time he knows there wouldn’t be a fourth time and he’ll be surely late for school.

But he has a clever idea for me not to stop waking him up. He posts these notes at the door.




A. Wake me up at 7:00 – 7:20am, i need to wake up early we have a quiz.

B.  Ma, wake me up again at 7:00am, we have a quiz again tomorrow. I slept at 3:00am.. PATIENCE, HAHA!

C.  Wake me up .. extreme wake up call Mama. HAHA!

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weekly travel theme: international women’s day

“This week’s travel theme is wide open for however you want to celebrate the woman or women in your life, or all women in general.”  Ailsa of wheresmybackpack.

This post is in honor of the two greatest women in my life.

My mother:


my mother


my mother

Today, even if my mother is old and gray now she’s still a big influence not only to us her children but to her grandchildren as well. She always tells her grandchildren the value of respect, love and kindness so they could all grow up to be better persons.

For her strength and guidance, i am giving her a bunch of green, purple and blue tulips. Green is the symbol of health and youth. Purple is for dignity and pride which represent achievement. Blue is for calmness and peace. I wish her good health, i admire her achievement for guiding us through our adulthood, and of course i want her to have peace of mind that we, all her children and grandchildren are all doing good.



My sister:


my sister

Isn’t she cute in the picture? I remember when it was taken because she’s the youngest and i’m the eldest among siblings. She was munching on an apple and even her cheeks have some apple bits. Anyway, my sister is my best friend. Of all the people in the world, she’s the one who really know me to bits. She always has an open mind and heart whenever i talk to her especially if dealing with some problems. She’s always been a great help whenever i needed help. I just adore her.

For her loving and caring qualities, i am giving her pink carnations. Pink carnations represent motherly or sisterly love. I want her to know that i love her so much and i miss her because she’s now based in Dubai.