priceless things i could afford

A Hermes Birkin designer bag is priceless for an ordinary person like me. I couldn’t buy an island nor have my own jet.  But the rich and the famous could afford them and they don’t seem to be that priceless. Lucky me, i do have priceless things that i really could afford.

Time. Yes, i could afford to live every moment of time. With so many bad decisions in the past i need to be really careful now in the choices that i make. What’s done is done and i cannot turn back the time.

Happiness. The key to achieving happiness depends upon one’s outlook in life. I may have endured a lot of challenges and problems because of a failed relationship but the power to be happy rests on me alone. I choose to be happy in spite of everything. As they say, happiness should not depend on things that we don’t have but appreciate and be happy on things that we have.

Family. I am thankful for having a wonderful family. It is a busy world and we all have our own lives to live but we do make it a point to celebrate every occasions together.

Nature. The gift of seeing nature is priceless whether it is just a pocket garden of flowers or just a tree in the yard. I love watching the birds that occasionally visit my one and only citrus tree. I love butterflies that hover from one flower to another. I love the bees that make stopovers from one flower to the next. I love watching the sky on a clear night. I love to watch the phases of the moon. Just yesterday i managed to take a photo of the sky and saw that the moon is almost full. Maybe tonight it would be.

Oh wait, i almost forgot… My cat Star is PRICELESS too.

travel theme: time

My routine every morning starts at 6:30am, make myself a good cup of coffee, prepare the kids lunchbox for school and feed my fur babies.

My early morning “vocalization” begins at 7:30am when i need to wake my youngest son up. I don’t know why the noisy alarm clock couldn”t move him a bit.


alarm clocks

Enter mommy… i yell at him, push him, shake him from side to side, shout to no avail.  He’s aware that i could only do the wake up call three times. It’s not easy to go up and down the stairs just to get to his room to wake him up. If he still wanted to sleep and doesn’t wake up at all after the third time he knows there wouldn’t be a fourth time and he’ll be surely late for school.

But he has a clever idea for me not to stop waking him up. He posts these notes at the door.




A. Wake me up at 7:00 – 7:20am, i need to wake up early we have a quiz.

B.  Ma, wake me up again at 7:00am, we have a quiz again tomorrow. I slept at 3:00am.. PATIENCE, HAHA!

C.  Wake me up .. extreme wake up call Mama. HAHA!

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