cat purrday friday post: throwback friday

Hi everyone! Well, i know throwbacks are usually made on a Thursday but i will do it on a Friday so i could share with you some of my photos when i was just a cute kitty… 

first day with mum

first day with mum

I am about 5 months old in this next photo. I just had a very rough play with my sibling Kristina and i was panting and grasping for air but we had fun.

Star at 5 mos.

Star at 5 mos.

I love my sibling Kristina. I grew up with her and we always sleep together on mum’s bed. 


sleeping together

We still sleep together… see i’m bigger now in this next photo. This is still Kristina, she just looked different after a haircut. 


sleeping together

That’s all for now… i hope you’ll visit me again on my next cat purrday post. 



If you want to see more of my photos (as well as my siblings) you may want to visit my Instagram page. I promise you, i could make you smile.


Star’s Instagram page

Have a nice weekend. Lots of hugs and sweet kitty kisses,
kittycat Star