my orange tabby

“Hello furry friends and mum’s blogger friends.

Today is Cat Purrday Friday. I’m busy up here watching the birdies while mum is busy taking photos of Tiger. 

While my favorite roost is on top of the door like where i am right now, Tiger’s favorite hang out is the cat condo.



Now, Tiger is trying to be cute ..



Well actually, Tiger is a bit sleepy now, he’s just watching mum take his photos.



Did you notice Tiger’s ears? One of them is tipped. It is a marking that Tiger is already neutered since i adopted him from CARA. If the marking is on the left ear like Tiger’s, it means the kitty is male and if the tipping is on the right ear, it is a female.



Oh the chirping of the birds outside catches Tiger’s attention.



Haha, Tiger seems to be telling mum to finish the photo shoot cause he’s really sleepy now.



See… Tiger is sleeping soundly now and he purrs so loud. He has a big fat belly because he really eats a lot and he loves belly rubs. Me, i don’t like mine to be rubbed but i super love it when mum scratches my chin, it is so relaxing and that’s the only time mum hears me purr.



Well, i’ll see you all again on my next Cat Purrday Friday post. Have a lovely weekend and kitty hugs to all my kitty friends.”


i’m up here!

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Hello mum’s friends and my furry friends.

As you could see, i’m here on my favorite place which is on top of the door. Whenever i’m here, i love to look at mum and then when she sees me she would grab her camera and take photos of me. She looks really funny.

I love it here. I could watch mum and i could watch Tiger too. If you’re wondering how i could go up here, well it’s so easy. Watch me here on slideshow.

IMG_7195 - Copy


IMG_7198 - Copy


Tiger is looking at mum taking photos of me. He has gained weight in just a short time with us. He is getting fat because he loves to eat. And when he eats, it’s really a mouthful.

When mum adopted him, he’s thin and his coat isn’t shiny at all. Now, mum loves to touch Tiger’s coat, she says it’s so smooth now and shiny. 

I love that little .. um big fellow now because mum says he’s really getting heavy. 

IMG_6403 - Copy


I’ll see you all again on Friday on Cat Purrday Friday post. Hugs to all the furries.