sunday post: entrance

Located in the city of Las Pinas is the Mary Immaculate Parish or more popularly known as the “Nature Church”.

It has old tree trunks from typhoon fallen trees as pews.



It is surrounded with different kinds of flowering plants and fruit trees.


nature church

The church is so unique that it is also a favorite shooting venue of wedding scenes in local movies and tele-novelas.

DSCF3332 - Copy

nature church

The ceiling is lined with 40,000 pieces of inter-woven ‘pamaypay’ or fans made of anahaw leaves and is decorated with lantern doves made of capiz shells. Capiz shells are white, translucent shells that are delicate and fragile and is used in a variety of handicrafts. The shells come from a bivalve that also produces pearls.

The lantern doves in the ceiling provide soft illumination and are suspended using bamboo and strings which give them the ‘flying effects’ spiraling mode.


ceiling of nature church

The Nature Church was built with no walls making it open to a free current of fresh air and very welcoming since almost all sides could be used as an entrance.

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sunday post: sentimental value

It took me 25 years in company service to be awarded with this. It represents all my struggles in climbing up the corporate ladder, happiness with all the promotions, fun with all my colleagues, free travels to many countries and beautiful memories with all the friends i made.

The watch is personalized. It has a company logo at the back.

tag heuer aquaracer

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sunday post: arrangement

For this challenge, i will make everyone hungry. Here are several dishes that we ordered in some of our favorite restaurants which are presented in a very neat and awesome plating.


seafood salad


grilled fish with veggies and rice


seafood salad


california and tuna maki

Food plating is very important whenever food is presented. It makes the food really more attractive and pretty.

I’ve read some tips on how to make a restaurant worthy of food plating at home. The three main elements of plating are the plate, the food and the arrangement of the food. You just need to use a bigger dinner plate so as not to make the food crowded. White or other neutral plate colors will make a good canvas just like art. Create a nice pile and make your plating clear and smudge-free.

One morning, my youngest son insisted that he’ll be the one to prepare our breakfast. The hotdogs, slices of ham and corned beef are all piled up on top of each other using a very small plate. His plating made me smile. Well, it really looked crowded but i gave him a score of 10 for the effort.



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sunday post: on-going

Today, millions around the world is celebrating the first day of Chinese New Year and will mark the start of the Year of the Snake. Also known as the Spring Festival, this is the most important holiday for most of Asia. This festive celebration will last for 15 days.


chinese lanterns


chinese lanterns


year of the snake


golden money tree


chinese lanterns


lucky coins

Happy Chinese New Year to all.

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sunday post: hope

After the rain, the sun will shine again beaming with new rays of hope.

droplets of rain on wildgrass

droplets of rain on wildgrass

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sunday post: simplicity

Jake’s theme for this week’s Sunday Post is Simplicity.

I start my day simply with a good cup of coffee.

Caffeine powered, and i’m ready to face another busy day.

a cup of coffee

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sunday post: peaceful



My week has been really hectic with all the chores and errands as well as shopping. My daughter’s Christmas Party would be next week and i will attend a get together with my close friends tomorrow. So, thinking of what to buy for gifts and buying them has been really stressful. My internet connection has been intermittent for the past several days and buying for a new router and installing it added to my list of headaches. Anyway, all is well for now and my wifi has been steady and strong since last night hence i was able to blog today.

My wish right now is if i could only sleep so soundly and peacefully like my kitty cat Star.

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sunday post: surroundings

These are photos of surroundings that hubby took during their vessel’s stay in Port Mellon and Squamish Port in British Columbia Canada. All the descriptions in each photo are also written by him. He is my guest blogger for today.

mohawk creek

mohawk creek

Mowhawk creek is located in Port Mellon near the Howe Sound Pulp Mill. Actually, the creek is naturally small but the mill expanded it and water that flows here is what the mill uses and that’s the reason why the valve is visible in the photo. Eventually, it became a habitat for salmon and is now a protected area. The abundance of rainfall is high thus providing the creek with lots of fresh and pure water.

chief stawamus mountain

Remember the “Cliffhanger” movie by Sylvester Stallone? Yes, it was shot entirely on this cliff/mountain which they call ” Chief Stawamus Mountain” or simply called Stawamus Chief ..a famous Indian chief.  It is listed as the second largest granite monolith in the world and is very famous for mountain climbers during summer.

wild ducks

From the main gate of Squamish, it is still a long way walk to the town and along the road is a marsh land full of different water birds like this wild Canadian duck and other water fowls. 

driftwood 1

driftwood 2

I’ve been visiting this place since the early 90’s since this place is a regular port of call of our company’s vessels.The 2 big drift woods in the photos were already here at that time til now. Further on the bent is the marina or yacht club. Squamish is just a small cozy town before but when the Winter Olympics was held here last 2010 it became a famous tourist attraction complete with malls, new shops, etc. 

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sunday post: wonderful

What could be more wonderful than tasting these yummy doughnuts from J. Co Donuts & Coffee.

Scroll down if you want me to tickle your taste buds. Warning: these donuts not only look delightfully good but taste so sinfully good too.


Alcapone – J. Co’s signature donut, white luscious Belgian chocolate covered donut with crunchy Californian toasted almonds topping

avocado dicaprio

Avocado Dicaprio – avocado cream covered donut with topped with chocolate sprinkles

berry spears

Berry Spears – jam berry frosting with cream filling and white chocolate sprinkles

blueberry more

Blueberry More – cream cheese filled donut with blueberry glaze topped with white chocolate sprinkles

crunchy crunchy

Crunchy Crunchy – creamy chocolate covered donuts with crunchy chocolate rice crispies topping

don mochino

Don Mochino – chocolate cream filled donut topped with mocha chocolate glaze

donna italiano

Donna Italiano – smooth nutty filled donut with creamy chocolate glaze with a hint of espresso

heaven berry

Heaven Berry – strawberry cream filled donut topped with strawberry glaze with white chocolate swirl


Meisisipi – rich smooth chocolate topping with crunchy chocolate sprinkles


Tiramisu – tiramisu flavored cream filled donut slightly dusted with cocoa powder

The donuts here are so soft and delectable. You can’t resist another bite, and then another, and then you will find yourself trying another flavor. They have a lot of choices and the flavors are not too sweet which makes them all pleasurable to eat.

A donut is P42.00 (about $1.00 each), a dozen is P350.00 (about $8.50 or $0.70 each), and 2 dozens for P550.00 (about $13.40 or $0.56 each). This means that it is really cheaper to buy by the dozens.

Now i’m sure you are craving for a donut now. Don’t blame me, you’ve been warned.

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Have a happy weekend! 🙂

sunday post: city

Strolling highlights at Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City.

… you will meet a lot of furries along the way.

… stopping by to photograph these beautiful flowers hanging from the trellis.

… had lunch at Mini Shabu-Shabu.

… stopping by again at R.O.X. Recreational Outdoor Exchange to buy shoes and backpack for the kids.. and for me, a traveler’s body bag. The store has this awesome and magnificent 40 ft. wall climbing indoor facility.

… and of course not to forget, taking home some freshly made doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

Nothing is better and more fun than spending quality moments with the family. The laughter and the happiness we had… priceless.

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