sunday post: toys

The holiday season is just around the corner and sooner toys of different colors, shapes and sizes will surely flood the stores everywhere around the world. For this week’s Sunday Post, it is all about Toys.

Being young at heart, both hubby and i has a penchant for stuffed toys. His work as a seafarer takes him to different places across the globe and its his habit to take home some souvenirs and stuffed toys when he comes home for a vacation after working overseas. As such, i now have a huge collection of these plushies and here are some of my favorites. Each one of them has a story to tell.

my stuffed toys

1. The camel which i nicknamed UNI was bought by dear hubby during his vessel’s stay in Sfax Port in Tunisia, hence the nickname. Tunisia is well known for its camels and what a better way to remember Tunisia other than bringing home a camel stuffed toy.

2. The second toy is SHREK and he was bought by hubby at Walmart during their stay in Port of Mobile Alabama in the US. He remembered that all the Shrek stuffed toys are piled on a huge box and after the successful movie showing, they are on SALE at $7.00 buy 1 take 1. Well, he and another shipmate bought a Shrek and each of them paid only $3.50 each.

3. The third is an elephant which i nicknamed SLOVY was bought by hubby at a seaman center during his vessel’s stay in Port of Koper in Slovenia. He was attracted to the elephant because he thought that its facial feature is somewhat unique because of its sad eyes since most stuffed toys are either smiling or with a happy face. SLOVY is different, it has bland and sad eyes like that of a dog as if telling him “please take me”.

4. The black bull stuffed toy which i nicknamed TORO (spanish word for bull) was bought in Barcelona, Spain. Although i was with hubby during his travel to Barcelona, he was the one who bought it for me. Coming home from our travel, one of our checked-in luggage where i packed Toro was left behind in Spain but the airline company promised us that as soon as the luggage arrives, it will be delivered at our doorstep free of charge. The two days of waiting seemed like forever. I became worried that our luggage would not be found or maybe would be lost in transit. I felt so relieved when the box finally came and there it is, my beloved TORO. It’s funny how this one simple stuffed toy would mean a lot to me. My answer is i would never know for sure when i could return and visit Barcelona again.

5. The fifth one is HORTON the elephant from the movie Horton Hears a Who. Again, hubby bought Horton during his vessel’s stay in a port in Houston Texas in the US. During that time, these stuffed toys are widely displayed at the mall and are very popular during the movie showing. He couldn’t resist buying this cute and adorable Horton for me.

Do you have your own stories to tell about your favorite toys?

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