cee’s fun foto challenge: circles and curves

I bought my daughter a pair of silver earrings today and found these mirror balls at the shop’s ceiling.


mirror balls

In another shop, these bracelets are truly irresistible and my daughter ended up buying two at P88.00 each (about $2.16 each).



These headbands are so cute and we bought them in different colors at P35.00 each (about $0.86 each).



Hope you enjoyed my shopping finds for today. My daughter had so much fun with all her new girly accessories.

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my 3 minute road trip

My 3 minute road trip from my home leads me to the newly-opened supermarket/department store. As of now, only the grocery section is open and the department store will tentatively open mid March.

rustan’s fresh


the facade


side parking areas


driveway; McDonalds could be seen farther on


front parking areas


front parking areas

And here’s what my son is looking forward to, brewing soon… Starbucks.



Inside, my eyes feasted on the wide assortments of hams and sausages, cheeses, salads and sandwiches at the deli and gourmet section.


hams and cheeses


gourmet salads and sandwiches


pasta dishes and olives

But my favorite section is the preserved/dried fruit section and the nuts section. There are persimmon, turkish figs, cranberry, guava, apple, dates, longan, apricot, kiwi and pomelo. Now i know where to find preserves for my baking needs.


preserved fruits


preserved fruits

I’m getting nuts with all the nuts that i need. There are pistachios, macadamias, walnuts, cashews, almonds and pine nuts. Almonds in powder form is kinda hard to find and i’m glad it is available here.






peanuts and beans

Now here’s something new to me. This is the first time i’ve seen sweet banana peppers. They are long and large and yes about the same size as a banana.


sweet banana peppers

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what a cutie!

Introducing… the cutest mobile phone ever.. it’s a cutie.. Cutie P9 by Cherry Mobile. It is teeny-weeny, comes in beautiful colors, lightweight, functional and very cheap at P1299.00 (about $30.00). It’s a good thing that the store is also offering micro SD’s and bought the 4G on sale at P259.00 (about $6.00) which is already loaded with 200 songs. I’ve tested playing the music, attached my Cutie to my Bose speakers and the sound is great. I can’t believe that the music is just coming from a tiny cellphone. But if you want some private music tripping, the sound is not bad either on its own speaker or thru a headset.

cutie P9 by cherry mobile

cutie P9 by cherry mobile

cutie P9 by cherry mobile.. (keys used as props for size comparison)


  • 1″ colored LCD display
  • single SIM
  • dual band GSM
  • multimedia player
  • FM radio
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • bluetooth
  • calendar
  • calculator
  • alarm
  • SIM toolkit
  • cherry shop
  • micro SD up to 8GB

Colors are black and white. You may also choose an all-white cellphone with orange, blue or neon green outline. I’ve chosen orange because it’s one of my favorite colors.

If you’re the the text-call-music type of person, then you will definitely love the features of the Cutie. Of course, i could never go out without my Samsung Galaxy Note which i use for my social, mobile browsing and emailing. After all, it also takes excellent photos which i often use in my blog. But then, it’s another story.

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Update: I bought my Cutie Cherry Mobile cellphone at the Cherry Mobile outlet at the mall. I don’t think they still have this kind of model as of this time. (15July2014)