a word a week photo challenge: mountain

Sometimes to make way for progress, it is inevitable to cut across a mountain to build roads. Sharing with you these photos i took during a road trip to Subic via Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx). The SCTEx makes going to Subic more scenic, faster and less tiring.





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travel theme: mountains

Once in a while, we ought to find some time to unwind, relax and just exhale. Leaving the city life and going on a road trip out of town may be the best option to just enjoy the view, feel that freedom and recharge ourselves.

As we head out of town in one of our road trips, i took some photographs of the road that cut through mountains. Sometimes in the name of modernization, alterations on nature is inevitable to make way for smooth roads and highways that would be beneficial to all.



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