catpurrday friday post: a feral kitty named Trico

Hi everyone.. kittycat Star here. I know it’s already Saturday and mum was late in posting my cat purrday friday post. She has been busy but i promise you it was for a good cause.



You see, mum has been feeding 5 sometimes 6 neighborhood kitties. Oh yes they have names. They are Big Mama (gingercat), Big Boy (orange and white male cat), Linggit (mostly white with orange tail male cat), Trico (calico female cat), Potty (ginger male cat) and Junior (white with black ears and tail male cat). Potty is one of the kitties dumped in the vacant lot and Junior is an on-off visitor during feeding time. No, i don’t get jealous if i see mum feeding other cats. She says she couldn’t stand hungry kitties. You know i think mum has a cat magnet. All the kitties that she feeds outside are aloof and frightened but except for mum. She could touch them and pet them and they even comes over when mum is calling their names. I think they all trusted mum because they all know that she is the lady with the food. 

Now the good news. The other day, mum brought Trico at the vet and she has been spayed. Yey!

Trico,  is a calico or a tricolored cat and is the 3rd generation of kitties of Big Mama. When mum found out she’s on heat, she immediately planned on having her spayed. Here’s a photo of Trico when she arrived home from the vet. Mum kept her overnight before she was let out of the cat carrier. Right now, i think Trico is doing fine, she’s eating well and the spaying stitch is looking good.



While me and mum is busy doing this post i saw my sibling Tiger asleep on the kitty bed at the cat condo. He really loves to take naps. 



My boyfriend Boots is on the floor and begging for mum’s attention so he rolls over like crazy. I just love it when he does that, he looks gorgeous and cute with those big eyes.



That’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend kitties. Til next Friday for my next cat purrday post. See y’all.

Sweet hugs and purr,
kittycat Star


cat purrday friday post: this box is mine!

Hello again my furry friends..  this post is a little bit late. Mum thought she posted a cat purrday post last Friday but when she checked on it today, there’s none. Anyway, better late than never… right? 

Today, i’ll be sharing with you photos of me and my sibling Tiger. You see, i found the box first and Tiger also wants the box.. and he wants to get in but he’s so big and heavy and there’s only a room for one.. 

Oh no Tiger..  this box is mine!


Star and Tiger

See how small the box is?


Star and Tiger

You’re so funny Tiger. 


Star and Tiger

Just look at Tiger’s face.


Star and Tiger

You can’t buy the box with your cute face Tiger, haha!


Star and Tiger

See! there’s just a room for one.



Don’t worry friends, i love Tiger and i gave the box to him after i’m done playing with it..

Hope you’ll visit me again next Friday. (mummmm, don’t be late in posting the next cat purrdayyyyy..)


cat purrday friday post: the top kitty bed is mine!

“Hello furry friends! Sorry for having posted late. You see, mum is quite busy and even if i tell her to make a post she says i should wait. Today, i will show you some photos of me and my sibling Tiger. Tiger wants to sleep on my kitty bed in the cat condo but i told him the top bed is mine. But still, he’s very persistent, he wants to sleep here and i told him NO.. but still he wants to so i kitty jabbed him quite a few times actually. Oh no, it’s just some act, i don’t want to hurt him of course. Well, now he knows that i’m the boss around here… haha. But even if Tiger is that annoying, i love him to bits.”



Oh tiger, this bed is mine!


Tiger, you are really so annoying.


Mum, Tiger wants to get in bed!!


Tiger, the lower kitty bed is yours.. now, this is mine.


Peace and quiet at last.


This is my kitty bed and i will take a nap now.

my orange tabby

“Hello furry friends and mum’s blogger friends.

Today is Cat Purrday Friday. I’m busy up here watching the birdies while mum is busy taking photos of Tiger. 

While my favorite roost is on top of the door like where i am right now, Tiger’s favorite hang out is the cat condo.



Now, Tiger is trying to be cute ..



Well actually, Tiger is a bit sleepy now, he’s just watching mum take his photos.



Did you notice Tiger’s ears? One of them is tipped. It is a marking that Tiger is already neutered since i adopted him from CARA. If the marking is on the left ear like Tiger’s, it means the kitty is male and if the tipping is on the right ear, it is a female.



Oh the chirping of the birds outside catches Tiger’s attention.



Haha, Tiger seems to be telling mum to finish the photo shoot cause he’s really sleepy now.



See… Tiger is sleeping soundly now and he purrs so loud. He has a big fat belly because he really eats a lot and he loves belly rubs. Me, i don’t like mine to be rubbed but i super love it when mum scratches my chin, it is so relaxing and that’s the only time mum hears me purr.



Well, i’ll see you all again on my next Cat Purrday Friday post. Have a lovely weekend and kitty hugs to all my kitty friends.”


i’m up here!

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Hello mum’s friends and my furry friends.

As you could see, i’m here on my favorite place which is on top of the door. Whenever i’m here, i love to look at mum and then when she sees me she would grab her camera and take photos of me. She looks really funny.

I love it here. I could watch mum and i could watch Tiger too. If you’re wondering how i could go up here, well it’s so easy. Watch me here on slideshow.

IMG_7195 - Copy


IMG_7198 - Copy


Tiger is looking at mum taking photos of me. He has gained weight in just a short time with us. He is getting fat because he loves to eat. And when he eats, it’s really a mouthful.

When mum adopted him, he’s thin and his coat isn’t shiny at all. Now, mum loves to touch Tiger’s coat, she says it’s so smooth now and shiny. 

I love that little .. um big fellow now because mum says he’s really getting heavy. 

IMG_6403 - Copy


I’ll see you all again on Friday on Cat Purrday Friday post. Hugs to all the furries.


a kitty named bluetooth ^-^

Cat Purrday Friday Post

“Hello friends and furry friends, Kitty Star here.”



“Let me introduce Bluetooth, a darling addition to my grandmother’s kitty empire. Bluetooth has been abandoned in front of the gate of my grandmother. Soft meows were heard at the side of the road and when grandmother checked, it’s an all white kitty, i mean dirty-white kitty, very small, thin but with a pair of gorgeous bright sky-blue eyes.

Here she is now, looking whiter, gaining weight and absolutely the center of attraction because everyone always notice how beautiful her eyes are. She’s very sweet, loves to play just like me, ehem! I am white too, i am sweet too and i am playful too.. Mum says i am gorgeous too with my one blue eye.. um only one because my other eye is golden yellow. Well furry friends, presenting to you my new furry friend Bluetooth.”


“Come visit me again on Cat Purrday Friday. Kitty hugs to all :)”

“p.s. Have you seen me pole dancing? Here’s mum’s post Do You Want To See Star Pole Dancing  to see my photos. Thank you.”

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