travel theme: circles

Sharing with you the biggest circle that i’ve ever seen, The MOA (Mall of Asia) Eye which stands at 55 meters.



The MOA Eye is favorably located along the stretch of the bay amusement park at The Mall of Asia. It is the biggest and tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines. It features a 36 six-seater air-conditioned gondolas that boasts a clear and picturesque 360 degree panoramic view of the Mall of Asia, Pasay City and its surroundings and of course the famed Manila Bay sunset.

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sunday post: city

Strolling highlights at Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City.

… you will meet a lot of furries along the way.

… stopping by to photograph these beautiful flowers hanging from the trellis.

… had lunch at Mini Shabu-Shabu.

… stopping by again at R.O.X. Recreational Outdoor Exchange to buy shoes and backpack for the kids.. and for me, a traveler’s body bag. The store has this awesome and magnificent 40 ft. wall climbing indoor facility.

… and of course not to forget, taking home some freshly made doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

Nothing is better and more fun than spending quality moments with the family. The laughter and the happiness we had… priceless.

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the koi and us

We had the most amazing experience last Sunday during our out of town trip to Nuvali Paseo de Santa Rosa. It is actually a commercial as well as leisure and entertainment center located south of Manila. Some of the leisure park activities are biking, hiking, boat rides, and feeding the koi. For me, feeding the koi at the man-made lagoon is absolutely the highlight of the trip. The lagoon is teeming with koi and during the feeding frenzy they are piling themselves on top of each other. It was awesome. The kids loved it and even my mother and father enjoyed it too.




feeding the koi

Then, off we go for a boat ride. Just seeing both my parents enjoying every moment of the trip made me very happy. Times like these are truly precious since this doesn’t come very often.

feeding the koi

boat ride

Lunch was at Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant. Here, food is superb and the cakes and pastries are delightfully good.

Next activity … shopping! I fell in love with the terracotta floor vases and the moroccan lamps. So, i decided that i should buy them and they are now prominently displayed in my home.

floor vases are P500 (about $11.50)/set of 3 and the moroccan lamps are P300 (about $7.00)/each

The day seemed short but everybody had a good time and that made it all memorable.  Tomorrow, hubby would be leaving to work overseas again and i could only cherish the fun times.

Bon voyage to my dear hubby and have a safe trip.

My kitty STAR just turned 3 months

It has been more than a month since i acquired my kitty Star. She is gaining weight, very active, very playful, and more cute than ever.


Star is always so camera-ready..

One of the places that she loves to pose is on the stairs where she could have a good view of us, with her blue and copper eyes following us around.

she's playing peek-a-boo with me while taking her photo.

These are her favorite toys:

cat toy

postage stamps and emails

I am not an avid postage stamp collector, but I get very excited if i receive a letter with postage stamps on it instead of the usual postage meter stamp because at this day and age, postage stamps are slowly beginning to be a thing of the past.

It’s a good thing that I managed to collect some postage stamps from all over the world when hubby and I are exchanging snail mails during the times he was working overseas.  Suddenly, since the introduction of internet on all the vessels of the the company where he is working, snail mails were replaced by emails. Somehow, i still miss those times when i eagerly open the mailbox and see hubby’s mails and inspect each one of them to see which has the most colorful and prettiest postage stamp.

Now, my mailbox has been replaced by an Inbox.

Here are some of the postage stamps i’ve collected over the years:

stamps from USA

stamps from Italy

stamps from Brazil

stamps from Spain

stamps from Gibraltar

stamps from Belgium and Sweden