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Cat Purrday Friday Post

A lot of fellow bloggers and readers have been asking me how my kittycat Star could go up on her favorite perch which is on top of the door. Here’s how:

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She could sit there for a long period of time just watching the birds. And how she loves it!

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Til next Friday.  Have a happy weekend.

my odd-eyed kittycat Star

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Kittycat Star is an all-white odd-eyed furry little creature. She’s very playful but very loving in her own ways. Her bestfriend is my little doggie Kristina. Odd-eyed kitties are born with different colors of each eye i.e. one blue and one yellow, brown or green eye. I have read that odd-eyes are usually common with white cats but it may also be present with cats of any color.

And here she is, showing off at her favorite roost:


“I could see you mommy.. look, i’m up here!”


“This is my favorite spot mommy.. from here i could see the yard, i could see all the birdies visiting your garden.. and a while ago i saw a butterfly..  i could see the lizards from here too. I just love this spot.”


“Hey mommy, is my posing alright? I could be cuter you know..”


“What about this pose mommy? I won’t look at your camera, looking candid right?”

Now she’s showing off her beautiful face:


“Hey mom, i could hear the chirping of the birds, a lot of them.”


“But i’m kinda sleepy now.. i think i’m going to watch them later, i need some power catnap.”


“Mom, i am sleepy, when are we going to finish the photoshoot?”


“Okay mom, this is the last, after this shot i will be in la-la-land.”

CAT PURRDAY is a weekly (every Friday) cat post. It is not a photo challenge but it’s all about photo and story sharing of our beloved furries.

Happy posting and keep those purrs coming!

back view, front view

Cat Purrday Friday post:

Star’s back view

Star’s front view

One of Star’s favorite place is on top of the door. Not only she could get a good view of the birdies outside but she also has a good view of me. I always catch her blue and bronze eyes following my every move. Then she would continue watching the birdies again, or the neighbor’s cats, and even the butterflies flying around my garden.

cat purrday

Hello everyone!

Today and every Friday thereafter, i will be posting photos all about my kittycat Star. I wanted to share the wonderful photos that i took of her capturing her every moves, her playful antics, and even while she sleeps. This inspired me in creating CAT PURRDAY which is a weekly cat post.


My first CAT PURRDAY post:

Kittycat Star loves to play inside a paper bag.. playing hide and seek and staring at me with those big blue and yellow eyes and even jumping in and out repeatedly. Give her a bag and she would play with it endlessly, oftentimes ripping it apart.

playful kittycat Star

Aren’t those eyes gorgeous?

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roses and cheesecake

Yesterday, hubby gave me 3 long-stemmed roses and my favorite cheesecake. Actually, it was an advanced gift for our monthsary which is every 27th of the month. Knowing that he won’t be around on the 27th, we made an early celebration.


A red rose signifies love and respect, white is for loyalty and sincerity, and peach is for appreciation and thanks. Hubby sure made the right choice of colors.

roses and cheesecake and my kitty Star

Okay now Star, stop poking your nose on my cheesecake.

roses, cheesecake and my kitty Star

… and stop chewing on the leaves! Star is always so curious about everything.

roses and cheesecake

I finally was able to take a good photo without my playful kitty in the picture.