charming and colorful

December is the happiest and most colorful month of the year. Shining and shimmering Christmas decors and twinkling fairy lights adorn houses, streets and malls… and restaurants too.


The mixed and unmatched chairs, lovely ceiling lamps and flowers made this place so charming. I instantly fell in love with the pink couch. It is so attractive that i took a close up photo of it and i am dreaming of owning a similar one in the future. Will definitely add that to my wish list. I could almost feel how RELAXING it is sitting or lying down on that soft couch.

Puti says it’s 18 days til Christmas. She is so excited to experience her first ever Christmas.


She’s so lovely with those big blue eyes. One of the benefits of owning cats is by just stroking your kitty’s fur you could feel that magical effect… it is so calming and you could feel your worries and tension slowly VANISH and melt away. I would surely be having a fun fur stroking session before the year ends as i would like to leave all those bad feelings behind.

Bonus shot… Happy Taco Tongue Tuesday #TTT from Ashton. Wishing everyone a happy day.


cat purrday friday post: my fascinator

Hello my furfriends. Mum has been so busy attending to Queenie’s needs. He still needs to take his medicines until end of October. Inspite of that mum still has time to play with me … One time we mum played with my pink feather cat toy. Nope, mum did not let me chase it, instead she made fun of me but i think in a cute way.

Hmm… okay.. love the feathers but does it look good on me?



Oh i get it, putting that on my head like a fascinator… yes, so princess-like.



But i am getting sleepy… (mum is so happy taking photos so i am going to tolerate this for a while)..



Now it looks like i’m wearing a pink furry hat.. Nice… but...



I am really sleepy.



Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Hugs and sweet kitty kisses,
Kittycat Star


weekly travel theme: wild

No need to look that far for a “wild” photo. Here’s a photo of some pink wildflowers growing in my backyard.

pink wildflowers

Share your “WILD” photos and join the weekly travel theme by Ailsa.

wordless wednesday: color slowly fading …

20130503_091546 - Copy



cee’s fun foto challenge: color of my choice is PINK

Pink is one of my favorite colors. It is the universal color of love and beauty. Homes decorated with pink flowers provide the aura of calmness and relaxation.

For this photo challenge, i’ve chosen this bi-colored white and pink carnation. It has white petals with soft pink edges that resemble a beautiful lace pattern. At first glance, it doesn’t look real but the flower is really fresh and vibrant.



Do you want to see more beautiful entries? Well, just visit Cee’s blog. She provides awesome theme every week and i hope you’ll all join the fun and share your photos as well.

Happy weekend everyone!

photo/s of the day: pink wildflowers

For a newbie like me, i think flowers are the most easy to photograph. So, while visiting my mother’s garden, i took a few shots of these pink flowers. My mother got this plant from one of her walks. She was so attracted to the lively pink color of the bell-like flowers so she got some stems and planted them in her garden hoping it will grow and bloom. Well, they did and here they are now.

pink flower

pink flowers

pink flowers

pink flowers

Wishing everyone a happy Monday 🙂

travel theme: new

Posting a photo a day is something NEW to me and a new challenge for 2013.

I need to warn you though that i am not a good photographer but i will try my best to post good if not better photos. Oh dear me, can i really do this on a daily basis? Wish me luck! Thank you Alastair for your motivation 🙂

What a better way to practice taking photos but right in my own backyard.

My PHOTO OF THE DAY: pretty little flowers.



What does NEW means to you? Visit Ailsa’s blog wheresmybackpack to know more about the Weekly Travel Theme.

Now thinking of what to post tomorrow..

It’s the third day of the year and i hope everyone is really having a good start.

polvoron cupcakes

Polvoron cupcakes. These are another of my food finds at the food fair. Polvorons are actually a favorite treat, snack or dessert in the Philippines. They are made of toasted flour, powdered milk, melted butter and sugar, molded then wrapped in colored cellophanes. Nowadays, for variation and flavor, nuts like cashew, pili, peanuts are added, thus they are now available in different flavors.

polvoron cupcakes

polvoron cupcakes

polvoron cupcakes

polvoron cupcakes

polvoron cupcakes

The hello kitty polvoron cupcake is my daughter’s favorite.  Now, who wouldn’t want the cutesy pink kitty.

hello kitty polvoron cupcakes

hello kitty polvoron cupcakes

hello kitty polvoron cupcake

My eyes feasted with all the wonderful creations and colors but i opted to buy the classic polvoron, no fuss, nothing fancy, just the right taste that i love and familiar with… nutty, buttery, milky goodness. This reminds me of my childhood memory wherein my mother would make our own polvoron, helping her to wrap each goodie using japanese paper (papel de japon) and the challenge was finishing the wrapping without breaking or cracking it. Oh, that was fun. But the most fun part of it all was eating it.

classic polvorons