weekly photo challenge: silhouette

I usually take a short nap in the afternoon if time permits. As always, Tiger comes rushing at the sofa to be with me. I play with him as i watch tv before i sleep and almost always he got to fall asleep first before me.

Tiger's silhouette

Tiger’s silhouette

Above photo was taken without a flash thus resulting to a silhouette photo. It was just accidental that at that moment in time while i clicked the camera, a 100% image popped up on the tv screen and it gave the photo some bit of a character. (I think it was an ad about internet service.)

Did you notice Tiger’s tipped ear? Yes, he’s already neutered when i adopted him from the shelter two years ago.

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a wildflower for you Ajay

pink wildflower

pink wildflower


pink wildflower

This post is dedicated to a good blogger friend Ajay (Ajaytao2010). He will always be remembered as somebody who enjoyed nature and who loved flowers. Don’t worry Ajay, in heaven there are lots and lots of beautiful flowers. You will surely be missed. Rest in peace Dear. He calls every blogger friends Dear and i know we will all miss that too especially his favorite lines “Thank you Dear”. And from all of us your blogger friends, thank you dear for sharing us your wonderful nature photos and inspirational quotes.

weekly photo challenge: carefree

Little plants growing so carefree beneath the flower pot..


carefree tiny plants

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dreamweek three

I’ve blogged about this flower here but i wanted to share another photo as my take on the Dreamweek Three photo challenge by Snapshooter.

Thank you to Schelly as she’s been so kind enough to give me some ideas as to how to make a “dreamy” photo.

I’ve been so anxious to post my kind of “dreamy” photo so i made a little trick to produce one. What i did was choose one of photos that is somewhat blurred, edit it using the soft focus and matte effect and this is the result.

dreamy flowers

I am satisfied with the outcome but i would love to hear more about your suggestions. A newbie like me still have so many things to learn.

cat purrday friday post: spot the kitty

Can you spot the kitty?

Yesterday, i had a hard time looking for kitty Star and was so surprised about her new hideaway.

20130807_032902 (2)

can you spot kitty Star?

Star’s all white color makes her almost invisible and as such, it’s even harder to shoot a good portrait. I think every photographer knows that it’s always a challenge to make a better photo of a certain subject with only one color.

Last August 5, 2013, i sent a photo (portrait) of Star my lovable kitty to Otto thru his Picture Critique site because i would like to have some feedback from a professional with regard to my photography. I believe that his tips and suggestions could help me to further improve my skill.

Here’s a portrait of Star which i think some of you may have seen before as i’ve already posted it previously in my blog here.



Otto’s reply and feedback:

This is a delightful portrait of an equally beautiful cat. You have captured it in a expressive moment when the cat is following something outside of the frame with intense interest. The light is soft, coming from the left which brings out the features of the kitty in an appealing way. Looks like you used the light from a window which almost always provide nice light as long as the sun doesn’t shine directly onto the subject (or maybe it was a soft bank?). The reflection of the light in the eye, makes it come alive. I like the fact that it’s almost a black and white picture except for the yellow eye and the pink snout, which then adds that little detail that brings life to the picture. Very eye catching. I also like the way the white cat stands out from the clean and almost black background. I am not sure if it’s caused by the way you have lit the picture or because you made the background dark in the post-processing. It really doesn’t matter, the result is nevertheless a clean picture easy to read. Maybe I would have like to have some nuances in the background so it doesn’t get all monotonic and a bit dull. Another minor objection on my part is the way the head is centred in the frame. Maybe you should crop the picture much tighter so that the head is placed more to the right in the frame. Another idea could be to extend the canvas along the top edge which would create a lot of space in the direction the cat is looking. It should be easy to accomplish since the background is so evenly black. It would make for a very dynamic composition. Anyway these are only minor objection. I think you have made lovely picture, captured the spirit of the kitty in a delightful way.

Well, i guess my photography is not really bad at all. I was so delighted reading Otto’s feedback. You may also submit one of your best photos to Otto if you want his thoughts and opinion. Don’t worry, he gives constructive feedback which are really encouraging and inspiring.

black and white photo challenge: texture

The rose is originally colored blue. I edited it to make it in black and white. This rose is actually about 5 days old when the photo was taken. It is in its final journey and soon wilt. It find it exciting that even in black and white, the veins of the petals, the creases, and the onset of wilting which are all parts of its texture is very visible.

a rose on its final journey

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weekly photo challenge: escape

Late last year, i found a nest in my garden and blogged about it here . I managed to visit the nest everyday and took a lot of photos but wasn’t able to make a follow-up entry about it. With Escape as the new theme for this week’s photo challenge, now is the chance to share with you the photo highlights of my exciting garden finds.

Day 1: I found 2 eggs in the nest.


day 1

Day 13, i found out that only 1 egg hatched and i couldn’t find the other egg.


day 13

Day 15, i noticed how remarkable it had grown in just 2 days. I always see mommy bird guarding its baby. When its her time to hunt for food that’s the only time that i could go near the nest to take photos.


day 15

Day 17, the baby bird is now partially covered with tiny feathers. It had grown much bigger with eyes still partially closed.


day 17

Day 20, almost all of its skin is now covered with feathers. It had grown bigger and almost occupying the entire nest.


day 20

Day 22, the whole body is now covered with mature feathers and it’s body is now as big as the nest. It is obviously well-fed, thanks to the devotion of the mommy bird in feeding its young.


day 22

Day 23, i visited the nest again and found it empty.

I’m sure it had learned how to fly and escaped the boundaries of its nest ready to face the world… and the life cycle continues…

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weekly photo challenge: up

mt. fuji

(Photo credits: photo taken by hubby during their vessel’s stay at Shimizu Port Japan)

Shimizu Port is famous for being one of the most scenic ports in Japan because of nearby Mt. Fuji. The majestic Mt. Fuji is located just 22 miles away from the port. It is a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1708.

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cee’s fun photo challenge: squares and angles

Yesterday, i came across this lovely window display of a popular clothing brand and i think it could make a good entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.





The frames are so lovely. I love its Victorian design.

cee’s fun foto challenge: color of my choice is PINK

Pink is one of my favorite colors. It is the universal color of love and beauty. Homes decorated with pink flowers provide the aura of calmness and relaxation.

For this photo challenge, i’ve chosen this bi-colored white and pink carnation. It has white petals with soft pink edges that resemble a beautiful lace pattern. At first glance, it doesn’t look real but the flower is really fresh and vibrant.



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Happy weekend everyone!